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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from May 28th to June 3rd Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at an accelerated pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in seven operations in six regions.

1) Late Saturday morning, a task force from 4th Bn Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade received a warning order from brigade operations staff that a separatist armor force would attack through a location one kilometer north of Klein Malchau in Rosche.

The tactical plan was for the task force to deploy on an east west line near the main highway to await the arrival of separatist forces. But no sooner did command squad arrive than it was hit by a recoilless rifle technical which killed the commander and one other squad element.

The second in command ordered a dismount , rallied his forces, and advanced them to the road via a shallow rill, where the squad could observe and if necessary counterattack against infantry attacks.

The separatists attacked with light armor first directly at the crossroads, where Tank 2, Scout 2 and 3rd squad were positioned. Several attempts were made by separatist light armor forces to occupy the crossroads, but they were destroyed.

More separatist armor came, this time near the rill where command squad was deployed. Several BMPs came to with 500 meters of their position before they were destroyed by Tank 1 and command squad's RPG gunners.

Losses continued to mount for command squad as repeated attempts to close with command squad were made, only to be stopped by tank gunfire.

After 40 minutes of fighting, the order to retreat was issued. The scout cars left first, then the mobile infantry. Commander discovered that the relieving tank suffered a mobility hit, and was stranded.

Commander ordered his remnants, and one tank to advance to the tank's position to cover it while it underwent repair. Once it was repaired, the commander observed enemy infantry in the woods across the highway.

The commander, along with 2nd squad advanced to their position, firing on the enemy with small arms and grenade launcher attacks. There was little response from the enemy, so the commander decided to break off his attack and return to base.

Losses for the task force were moderate. Command squad bore the brunt of the fighting with seven KIAs, while 2nd squad lost none and 3rd squad lost one.

Separatist armor vehicle losses were catastrophic. Field counts of enemy forces destroyed included four BRDMs, four BMPs, three tanks, two technicals and one BTR-80A.

2) Ugandan military intelligence relayed a warning order to a Chernarus special forces team that a rebel force was on the move towards the village of No Name at 8329, 4371 in Song Bin Tanh late Saturday morning.

Tasked to accompany the team were two Ugandan rifle squads, two BRDM scout cars and one MI-24 gunship, providing air support.

The tactical plan for the defense of the village was for 3rd squad to occupy the western side with one scout car providing heavy machine gun fire support, 2nd squad in the southwest, with the special forces team in the northwest.

The other scout car would be positioned on the main road about 200 meters north of the edge of town.

Before the task force even got to town, 3rd squad encountered a foot patrol just north of the last river crossing. The Chernarus specops team dismounted and tried to pursue the patrol, but the patrol ran off somewhere to the north.

The enemy's attack began with two Humvee MRAPS, one of which destroyed the advance BRDM with a crew kill. Both vehicles were destroyed with RPG fire from the Chernarus specops team and from 3rd squad.

Several tries were made by the enemy to cross the river to the northwest, but they were met with air support. Another probe came from the north but it was repulsed by 3rd squad and the specops team.

After the order to retreat was issued, the rest of the task force retreated in good order. One more enemy probe into the village came from the southeast as the specops team was leaving, but they ran off as well.

Losses were moderate. One BRDM was destroyed with a crew kill, while the second BRDM's vehicle commander was killed. The specops team lost one, and 3rd squad lost one.

Enemy losses included two Humvee MRAPS.

3) A task force from 1st Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Rifle Brigade was ordered to Gross Steinum in Werferlingen with orders to clear the town out of separatist forces early Sunday morning.

The separatist force was led by two criminal operatives, Vladimir Rozhin and Annete Rulin. They also brought a ZU-23/2 AA battery, which was indicative of their plans to hold the town.

The tactical plan to attack the town was for command squad and one BRDM scout car tool attack up the main north south road, while the rest of the force attacked from the east.

The task force encountered Russian speaking and Spanish speaking militia. The attack went very quickly. Both Rozhin and Rulin were killed in the attack. Commander was only about to find the dead body of Rulin.

The commander took documents from Rulin which included a list of locations separatists use to maintain their vehicles. Despite spending some time searching for his corpse, the commander was unable to locate Rozhin or seize documents he was known to be carrying.

The commander also ordered an artillery attack on the AA battery. The commander saw the three damaged guns before he withdrew back into town.

There was only one weak enemy infantry attack, which was quickly driven back. The order with withdraw was granted, so the task force left town in good order.

On the road back, an enemy BTR-80A located and hit command squad, killing the commander and three others. RPG counterfire destroyed the enemy vehicle.

The commander of 2nd squad took over command of the task force, ordering the two tanks towards the east to block any further incursion by enemy armor. The commander also ordered a BMP-2 in to serve as transport for command squad.

A second BTR-80A appeared, which fired on one of the tanks disabling it. The BTR was destroyed by tank gunfire. The commander then ordered a repair truck to effect repairs on the tank.

Losses were moderate. Command squad lost four including the BTR. The enemy lost two BTR-80As.

4) Saturday morning a six man Chernarus Intelligence Service (ChRU) Active Measures team went to Spavcici in Deniland to extract and evacuate two operatives who had gone into hiding after being pursued by local authorities.

The pair were stopped at a police checkpoint. When neither of them could produce a document, they both took off and were pursued by police. They found a hiding place in a warehouse in Spavcici.

The team attacked from the west, moving among buildings and other cover to advance to the warehouse. Both operatives were hurt in the pursuit. They were given first aid and escorted away.

The pair were transported to a rendezvous with sympathetic foreign operatives, who agreed to evacuate them elsewhere.

The team lost two in the operation including the commander and the medic. They were killed when the team was forced to make a stand after suffering intense counterfire from armed criminals and private contractors in the criminals' pay.

5) In eastern Werferlingen, a task force from 1st Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade received a warning order about separatists attempting to move an armor force south of Werferlingen city Monday evening.

The orders were for the task force to reach the river, then attempt to seize both sides, in order to prevent the enemy from crossing the river.

Command squad crossed the main north south road, while 2nd and 3rd squad crossed a southwestern bridge, with one tank and one BRDM scout car in support. The other tank would cross the river as soon as command established a bridge head.

While the commander was across the river, three technicals arrived, but they were engaged and destroyed by tank gunfire and from one of the other BTR rifle squads (probably 2nd squad)

As the remainder of command squad caught up, enemy infantry arrived, along with heavy armor. The tank supporting command squad was destroyed by a BMP-1.

A relief force tank in the meantime had arrived . They were tasked with destroying the heavy armor (one T-55 and one BMP). At about this time brigade operations staff cancelled the operation, and ordered the task force to advance north to another objective two kilometers away.

The task force slashed its way forward to the northern edge of Werferlingen city. The command was killed along with another squad mate when he fired an RPG-26 at a BMP-1.

The second in command ordered the operation to continue. Eventually, under the cover of heavy rain, the task force reached its objective. After 30 minutes the commander ordered a retreat.

During this time several enemy tanks appeared, including two T-55s, two T-34/85s, two BMPs and at least one BRDM. All enemy vehicles were destroyed.

Losses were heavy. Command squad lost five, while second squad was destroyed by a tank, losing its BTR. 3rd squad lost one. One BRDM was destroyed. One SU-25 ground interdiction fighter was shot down with the loss of the crew.

6) A Chernarus Army special forces team, attached to headquarters, Chernarus 2nd Army Corps was tasked with eliminating a pair of criminal operatives based in northern Khuzhadon in Beketov early Tuesday morning.

Other tasks given the team was to seize documents from both operatives, Boris Yurinov and Stanija Babovic, who were said to be carrying the documents on their persons. An added task for the team was the destruction of three supply trucks.

The separatist force entered Sunday night and began to arrest individuals opposed to them. The presence of the truck not being unloaded meant the separatists did not intend to stay.

The team inserted by MI-24 gunship about 500 meters southwest of town. They awaited another MI-24 gunship to clear out enemy vehicles, but instead the gunship was forced down. When the crew bailed, they were killed.

The transport bird went into action and destroyed the vehicles, and some enemy infantry, Russian speaking militia.

The team located the operatives and eliminated them. The team were unable to locate Yurinov, but the commander did find Babovic and took documents from her person.

The team then marched to the location of the three supply trucks, and destroyed them. As they prepared to extract the transport bird came under machine gunfire, but landed and boarded the team anyway.

As it was leaving the bird took another gun run at the forces inside the town before returning the team to base.

Losses were moderate. The team's sapper was killed.

7) A Chernarus Defense Forces special operations team, attached directly to Chernarus Coastal Operations Group, was assigned the task of extracting a pair of informants holed up in the village of Vavilovo in Chernarus, early Wednesday morning.

The informants had gotten into a fight with a neighbor over loud music, so when the local police arrived, the informants fled.

The team was inserted within 400 meters west of the village and entered town after the air support MI-24 arrived. The air support bird destroyed a pair of enemy technicals and an unknown number of infantry in town as the team infiltrated.

The firefight ensued with some defending infantry. Several enemy were dropped, but the team sapper was killed.

After making contact with the informants, first aid was rendered to one of them. They and the team exited with area for their pickup point.

On the way back to base the support bird attacked a number of QRF vehicles, appearing to have damaged a number of them. But the bird was shot down with the air crew surviving.

The commander ordered his extract bird down, and headed towards the air crew. Contact was made. They were escorted back to the extract bird. While the bird was loading the commander observed enemy patrols descending on the former location of the pilots.

The extract bird returned to Balota. The informants were debriefed by ChCOG recon staff.

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