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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from June 4th to June 10th Inclusive.

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The tempo of combat operations continued at an reduceded pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in five operations in four regions.

1) A warning order from operations staff, Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade said that a separatist force would be heading to Schlieckau early Friday morning. A task force was assembled from 4th Bn to go to Schlieckau.

The weather was intermittent alternating light and heavy rain. when the task force set out on the road march. The tactical plan was for the task force to form a solid line running east to west.

Separatist light armor and technicals appeared first along the main north south road. Tank 1 and a reinforcing tank caught them. A rifle attack also came through this area. Command squad and 3rd squad, along with the armor on the east side stopped the attack.

Heavy armor struck the task force's lines a few minutes later, including three BMPs and one T-55. A separatist rifle force also managed to infiltrate the defensive zone. Command squad performed a sweep south to the highway to clear the enemy penetration.

When the order to withdraw was received, and while elements of the task force were leaving, commander received word the SU-25 ground interdiction aircraft had been forced down about two kilometers north of town. The crew was alive.

The commander gathered together Tank 2 and Scout 2 as an escort, and set out north to recover the pilot. No resistance was encountered as the mini task force reached the pilot. The pilot was boarded on command squad's BTR.

The road march back to town was uneventful as well.

Enemy losses amonted to four BMPs, two T-55s, two BTR-80As and two BRDMs. The task force suffered no losses.

2) On Saturday afternoon in Werferlingen a task force from 3rd Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade received a warning order from 43rd Mountain Rifle Corps that a separatist armor force was heading to Eshenrode.

Eshenrode is just a few hundred meters south of a river. Its location makes it an easily defensible target. Two bridges are nearby: one at Hodingen and one just northeast of town.

Separatists attacked initially from the northwest with an MRAP and then a BTR-80A, both vehicles of which were destroyed by tank gunfire. Enemy infantry began their probes from the northeast.

About 25 minutes into the operation 3rd Bn commander ordered the task force north, to a new objective in Nievoldhagen forest. The task force commander ordered Tank 2 and Scout 1 across the northeastern bridge. Enemy infantry by this time has begun their crossing to the northeast.

The reinforcing force had been deployed initially near the northeastern bridge, so they dealt with the probes. Tank 1 initially had been deployed on the northwest side of town to cover the new operation. Both of the other rifle squads were ordered to move north to the new objective.

2nd squad was unable to disengage. 3rd squad was having difficulty moving. Command squad continued north across the bridge.

At the new location, Scout 1 was deployed to cover an eastern road, while Tank 1 and then the reinforcing tank were ordered to the western edge of the forest.

Command squad reached an area north of the objective. 3rd squad soon arrived at the objective, and was ordered to the northwest. Before command squad got into position, it intercepted a rifle force, resulting in a quick firefight.

In the west, the tanks were engaging several enemy armor vehicles. A pair of T-55 tanks bracketed the reinforcing tank, destroyed it. Tank 2 destroyed them and one BMP.

In the east, an enemy T-34 entered via the east road by destroying Scout 1. Command squad immediately redeployed to hunt for the tank. 2nd squad, meantime had crossed the bridge and already was engaging the tank.

The combination of command and second squad ended with a destroyed T-34 tank. Command squad returned to its original position, where the area was quiet until retreat orders were issued.

When those orders were received command realized the SU-25 ground interdiction fighter serving as air support had been downed about a kilometer northeast of the new objective, with the pilot surviving. Command squad, escorted by Tank 1, rushed to the area to recover the pilot, who was not wounded.

Losses were heavy. One reinforcing BTR rifle squad was destroyed when a T-55 tank attacked from the west, south of the river. Scout 1 and the reinforcing tank were destroyed. Command squad lost one, second squad lost two, and 3rd squad lost one.

3) A hastily assembled task force from 1st Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to Rennau in Werferlingen to help evacuate friendly troops late Saturday evening.

The units, both light rifle squads and a pair of technicals were sent to Rennau earlier in the day to recon the area, and to check for enemy activity. A separatist force detected their presence in the town, and amassed an attack force.

The scout cars and the tanks arrive first, taking an early hand in the fighting, as the rifle squads tried to break contact to retreat to a rendezvous point south of town.

When the task force's rifle squads appeared, the fighting had subsided significantly. The rifle units were loaded aboard a pair of trucks and evacuated to the south.

The task force then withdrew from the area, retreating south to Barmke.

Casualties were unusually light for this type of operation. In toto, the relieved force lost four and one technical. There were no losses in the relieving force.

However, brigade command learned that the separatists have developed a counterbattery capability, which wound up destroying the task force's artillery.

4) A Chernarus special forces team attacked a location in Song Bin Tanh Sunday night.

Ugandan intelligence reported that a fishing village located at 10284, 3249 had been taken over by a criminal private contractor team led by two operatives, Ade Achikor and Enkay Teibo.

The force assembled to retake the village consisted of an eight man Chernarus Defense Forces special operations team, two Ugandan rifle squads and two Ugandan BRDM scout cars.

The BRDMs moved across the river first, in about 200 meters, while the Ugandan element parked their trucks on the near side of the river about 100 meters away.

The CDF team moved across the river and parked in about 25 meters. The two Ugandan squads, once across the river began their assaults, 2nd squad on the AA battery, and the other on the village itself in support of the CDF team.

The village was overrun quickly. The criminal operatives both were killed and documents taken from their persons. One document was a list of locations and arrival dates of ammunition. The other was a list of locations of friendly vehicle depots.

At this point, the AA battery began their firing on the special operations team and the Ugandan 3rd squad. The commander and three others were killed. The team medic took command of the operation.

After several minutes, the AA battery was destroyed, but not before enemy reinforcements began arriving. Losses for the team team began to mount. The commander ordered 2nd squad to retreat across the river, but they were ambushed by an enemy foot patrol and wiped out.

Losses were catastrophic. Only two survived to return to base, the team medic and a Ugandan RPG gunner the commander recruited. 5) On Tueday night a task force from 2nd Bn Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack and clear the town of Kabanino in Chernarus.

Brigade recon staff detected the enemy's presence in the town when one a recon aircraft was almost shot down. Recon staff later learned that two of the separatists' top operatives, Viktor Kaba and Margarita Tikhonova were leading the take over of the town.

The tactical plan to retake Kabanino was for 2nd squad and command squad to attack from the west, while 3rd squad attacks from the east. The force had two BRDM scout cars lent to them from brigade scout car company.

Before the operation commenced, 3rd squad encountered an enemy foot patrol south of Kabanino. They were wiped out, along with BRDM scout car. The commander decided to commence the attack despite the reduction in strength.

The attack was over quickly. Both 2nd and command squads penetrated the town's defensive zone. The commander located and eliminated the operatives, seizing documents from both.

On the retreat from town, the commander was killed when a platoon of three heavy machine gun technicals rushed into town. Losses from that attack, including the commander, forced a shift in overall command to command, 2nd squad.

New orders were given. The task force was ordered by battalion command to attack enemy troop concentrations at a location north of Stary Sobor, at map location 0680086. Meanwhile reinforcements arrived a the battalion forward zone, which included one tank, two antitank specialist teams, a weapons squad and one BRDM scout car.

When the new troops were sufficiently amassed, the new attack operation began. The tactical plan for was all infantry including command squad to attack from the southeast, while the armor attacked from the south.

Resistance was strong, and losses were very high. In the end, the command cancelled the operation, not having the combat power to satisfy the new operation requirements. Remnants of his forces moved back to base.

Losses were severe for both operations. Included in the count was the SU-25 ground interdiction fight shot town with the loss of the pilot.

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