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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from June 11th to June 24th Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at an accelerated pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in six operations in four regions.

1) An infantry task force formed from 1st Bn 17th Separate Light Rife Brigade was ordered to attack the town of Zhukovo in Beketov Wednesday night.

That night also there were several enemy patrol actions along the Treshka River. One CDF patrol encountered an enemy patrol and engaged in a ten minute firefight before being ran off with artillery fire.

On the main river crossing used in the operation, 2nd and 3rd squads were ambushed by two patrols at the same time. When command squad arrived, the squad was dismounted and sweeping operations begun.

The road march to Zhukovo began a few minutes later with 2nd squad losing three and 3rd squad losing two. A BRDM AT vehicle, planned as part of the attack operation, had a traffic accident and was unable to join the operation.

Zhukovo had been taken over early the morning before by a separatist group led by Rusland Kravchuck and a female assistant, Dasha Bilyalova. The tactical plan was for the force to attack on a solid front north, with command squad penetrating the center of the enemy's security zone.

Then firefights were most intense in the center. 3rd squad entered town from the western end and proceeded east with heavy machine gun fire support by one of the two BRDMs, while 2nd squad did the opposite.

Command squad entered town from the south turned east and headed for the command operatives' hideout. Both were eliminated, with Dasha Bilyalova eliminated by the commander. Documents were seized from both of their persons.

The commander then moved further east to locate three prisoners being held by the separatists. The three were badly wounded, but they were patched up and evacuated by foot south out of town. The three boarded a BRDM, tasked with picking them up.

Commander called a general retreat south, as enemy quick reaction forces began streaming into the area. 2nd squad reached their truck and left, as did 3rd squad. The other BRDM was ordered abandoned when it suffered a mobility kill. The crew left with command squad.

Losses were heavy. Command squad lost six, 2nd squad lost six and 3rd squad lost two. One BRDM was abandoned. One BRDM AT vehicle was wrecked in a traffic accident.

One of the documents seized contained a list of computer passwords.

2) In Rosche Friday morning, an emergency order was issued by Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade operations staff about 4th Bn assisting in the evacuation of friendly troops from the town of Kahlstorf.

The troops, two light rifle squads supported by two anti personnel technicals were sent there the night before by brigade operations staff to recon the area. Brigade had no forces available to assist the group in leaving when they reported an impending enemy attack.

In relief operations, time is a critical factor, so relieving force must arrive in force as quickly as possible to protect the evacuation from the attack. In toto, it took the task force only ten minutes to arrive in Kahlstorf.

Once deployed the evacuating force left the area with zero losses. Command recorded only three attacks: one infantry attack from the northwest into town, one against the armor block setup about 800 meters north, and a BRDM which blocked the retreat of command squad.

All enemy attacks were effectively stopped. Zero losses were reported in either the task force or the relieved forces.

3) A special forces team attached to Chernarus 2nd Army Corps was tasked with assassinating of a pair of criminal operatives in Beketov Saturday morning. The operation was to be a typical "smash and grab" tactical assault.

The team was inserted about 500 meters from the area of operation, and proceeded to the target. Air support from an MI-24 gunship knocked out an enemy Humvee heavy machine gun technical. Air support was forced down.

The commander reached the operatives first. It it thought the main operative, Grigoriy Bukharin, was gunned down by a long range shot in the approach march by the commander.

The criminal operatives' security detail shot and killed the commander and the team sniper. The security element was killed by the team medic. Criminal operative Helena Tereshkova was killed by the team second in command with a grenade.

The dead operative was searched. Documents were found relating to routes of resupply for the separatists in the area. The team, the surviving air crew from air support were extracted, and returned to base safely.

4) Information from recon staff, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade indicated the separatists were planning to take over the river crossings at Hodingen in Werferlingen. The armor heavy force first needed to pass their forces through Ribbensdorf.

3rd Bn operations staff assembled a task force on Saturday evening with orders to set up a hasty defensive line at Ribbensdorf with the objective of stopping then oncoming separatist armor force.

The first attack came along the main north-south road with the appearance of BRDMs, which were stopped by heavy machine gun fire. Later the command detected a rifle squad coming down from the north about 700 meters. He ordered an artillery strike which forced those troops back.

The task force's positions were hit simultaneously from the west and from the north with armor, including several T-34/85s and BMPs. A recently arriving reinforcing tank killed several tanks attacking from the west.

Enemy infantry continued to penetrate the defensive zone, from the northeast. The commander ordered artillery strikes against some of them but could not detect all of them.

Armor continued to pour in, including a BTR-80A and a BMP-2. Both were destroyed but not before they did damage to task force vehicles. The force's BRDM was destroyed in front of command squad's position with the loss of the crew.

The order to retreat was issued. Of the rifle squads, 2nd squad had the most difficulty leaving due to a severely mobility damaged vehicle. Repairs soon were made, the rifles mounted and retreated back to south of the rail line.

Casualties were moderate. Command squad lost four, while 2nd squad lost two. The reinforcing BTR squad lost two. The supporting SU-25 ground interdiction fighter was shot down. The pilot was killed.

Separatist losses were heavy: fields reports reported three T-34/85s, two BRDMs, and one each BMP-1, BMP-2, Humvee, and BTR-80A damaged.

5) An amphibious element of 2nd Bn Chernarus 2nd Separate Naval Infantry Brigade was ordered to attack the separatist position near Aktinarki in Altis Sunday afternoon.

At the location, naval recon said that two criminal operatives, Georgi Horvat and Olesya Mahendru, led a separatist force which was to provide troops for beach patrols and shore guns.

The commander ordered an artillery strike on a ZU-23/2 gun position overlooking the landing zone just before landing. The task force landed safely, then proceeded inland to the objective.

The task force encountered heavy enemy resistance. Several fire fights broke out as Chernarus marines pressed towards the objective. Command squad got into a fire fight as it near a building housing a computer.

The remainder of the task force was fighting against enemy rifles and enemy technicals until naval artillery struck and destroyed therm. 3rd squad which was tasked with screening the advance, safely took up positions north of the area of operation.

By the time command squad arrived at the location of the criminal command element, enemy resistance evaporated, leaving only mop up operations to be performed. The commander eliminated Olesya Mahendru, but could not find Georgi Horvat, who was presumed dead.

The documents taken from the dead body of Olesya Mahendru was a list of locations the separatists were planning to attack over the next week.

The task force retreated back to the boats. Casualties were high. Command squad lost three, 2nd squad lost three and 3rd squad lost five.

6) On Wednesday morning, a Chernarus Defense Forces special operations team was sent to Topolniki in far northern Chernarus with orders to eliminate a pair of criminal operatives, and to retrieve some secret documents.

The operatives targeted were Matija Depreradovich and Svetlana Zhukova, both of whom have been on CDF kill lists since 2009. The dead drop was placed by a local friendly operative who had gained control of the documents.

The team inserted about a kilometer south of the area of operation. Closing in on the operatives' hideout, air support appeared and began to target enemy technicals.

The team ran into resistance near the operatives' headquarters building. A firefight ensued, which the team won. The fighting was so intense, the commander ran out of ammunition for his rifle (AK-107). The commander searched the dead body of Zhukova, recovering documents that included a kill list.

Pushing further north the commander located and seized the dead drop documents. As the team was leaving, an enemy quick reaction force squad arrived less than 300 meters away, but the team sneaked passed them.

The team was recovered by the transport bird at a pickup point and returned to base.

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