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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from June 25th to July 1st Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at an accelerated pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in seven operations in five regions.

1) After their defeat at Schlieckau in Rosche two weeks ago local separatist commanders accused the townspeople of providing information about the separatists' arrival. The commanders wanted a list of about 20 people turned over to them for trial.

The local president refused. He ordered the evacuation of everyone on the list, and he appealed to the brigade commander, Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade, for transport vehicles.

The task force from 4th Bn providing security, arrived early Friday morning. The task force was deployed in a northern pointing shield while the trucks were being loaded.

The first attacks were infantry attacks coming from the northwest, then another from the northeast. Commander squad engaged and destroyed a French speaking criminal gang as it closed in to town.

Separatist armor arrived as well. Tank gunfire and heavy machine gun gunfire from the BRDM scout cars destroyed several enemy armor vehicles. When the evacuation was complete and the civilians safe, the order to withdraw was issued.

Separatist heavy armor arrived then arrived. Three tanks, all T-34s closed into to town from the northeast. Field reports do not indicate exactly how many tanks were destroyed, but two were confirmed kills by the tanks.

The task force withdrew from Schlieckau in good order. The task force suffered zero losses. Separatist forces lost one BRDM, two BTR-80A and two T-34/85 tanks.

2) Saturday morning in Werferlingen, a task force assembled from 1st Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was rushed to Barmke to relieve a small friendly force stranded in town.

Relief operations rely on speed in getting fast relief forces to the area of operations as quickly as possible before enemy forces, already attacking, can do too much damage.

By the time the task force main force entered town, the enemy attack was well underway. However, the two light rifle squads stranded in town were untouched, and were ordered to a rendezvous point just south of town.

Originally, the deployment was for 3rd squad to take a positions on the eastern side of town, while 2nd squad took the west and command squad took the middle. Owing to delays, command squad took up the position in the north.

An infantry attack crossed the bridge to the north. At the crossroads where command squad dismounted were Scout 2 BRDM, command squad's BTR and 2nd squad's BTR.

A firefight developed at that location. A separatist RPG gunner hit Scout 2, destroying it. An enemy scout car entered town, but it was destroyed by a command squad RPG gunner. The secondary explosions destroyed 2nd squad's BTR.

Enemy infantry continued to press in from the north, at first trying to overwhelm command squad's position, then attempting to flank from the northeast. The enemy action was wiped out by command squad.

Then, enemy fast and heavy armor arrived, first a BTR-80A then a T-34/85, which attempted to flank Tank 2 in the west. Both vehicles were destroyed by tank gunfire. Tank 2 in the east suffered a mobility hit, as it exchanged gunfire with another BTR-80A.

Since brigade SOP make the task force commander responsible for field vehicle repairs, command squad deployed north to protect the damaged tank. The repair truck was brought in. The tank was repaired.

The task force was retreated after the retreat order was issued. During that time, at least two more tanks entered to area only to be destroyed by tank gunfire. eventually, all forces withdrew from town.

Losses were moderate. 2nd squad's BTR and Scout 2 BRDM were destroyed, along with their crews. Tank 2 was briefly immobilized, then repaired. 2nd squad lost four, while 3rd squad and command squad lost zero.

Enemy counterbattery artillery destroyed the task force's artillery support.

Enemy losses included two BRDMs, two BTR-80As, two BMPs and two T-34/85 tanks.

3) On Saturday evening, an ad hoc rifle group from 1st Bn Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack The Factory, two kilometers northwest on Orlovets in Chernarus.

Brigade recon staff said it had indications that a separatist group composed of separatist fighters and Russian special forces, all led by criminal operatives Georgi Horvat and Kristina Levieva, had taken over the area. The reason for the takeover could not be ascertained.

The tactical plan was for the rifle force to approach The Factory from the southwest, with the two BRDM scout cars there for heavy machine gun fire support. One SU-25 ground interdiction fighter arrived about ten minutes before the ground attack.

When command squad and 3rd squad were at their starting points, they came under rifle fire, forcing the commander to begin the ground assault even though 2nd squad was not yet in position. (it was still five minutes away)

3rd squad was ordered to move to a point directly south of the compound while command squad would approach the western wall directly. 2rd squad was ordered to take up positions to the northeast of the compound.

Command squad breached the compound and began its sweeping and room clearing operations. The ground assault was over in minutes and ended with retrieving documents from the corpses of Horvat and Levieva.

The commander then located a dead drop of documents stolen from the separatists. The attack was quite an intelligence haul. Horvat had a map of the locations of their artillery, while Levieva had a list of individuals being extorted by the separatists.

Losses were light. 3rd squad lost one. The SU-25 aircraft was shot down with the loss of the pilot, after he destroyed an enemy heavy machine gun technical.

4) An element of 3rd Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack north Werferlingen city Sunday morning.

The separatist force which had invaded the city the night before was led by separatist criminal operatives Jovan Emmanuel and Kato Gorbacheva, both of whose demise was one of the tasks of the task force.

The original tactical plan to take the northern half of the city was for 2nd and 3rd squads along with Tank 1 to cross the river just north of the railway bridge, then march north to secure routes into the city of enemy reinforcements.

Tank 1 along with command squad would cross the river directly south of the church, complete the elimination of the two criminal operatives and await the arrival of enemy rapid reaction forces.
v The separatists instead sent out patrols well south of the river crossing, which were supported by technicals, including an SPG-9 AT technical.

Attempting to approach the river, the commander was killed by the technical crew.

The two rifle squads, in the meantime, with the support of the tank pressed northwards after crossing the river, moving well north of the river. Command squad making numerous attempts to cross the river, was finally successful.

The command eliminated Gorbacheva, but could not find Emmanual. There was a delay in the remainder of command squad, by now down to five elements, in crossing the river. By the time the squad was assembled, enemy heavy armor arrived.

Commander ordered 3rd squad to turn to the east to support command squad, but they were hit first by a BMP-1, and then by a T-55 tank, which destroyed 3rd squad's BTR. 3rd squad began its retreat back south at that point.

The BMP-1 and the T-55 were both destroyed by tank gunfire. The mission outcome declared doubtful, the commander requested and received orders to abandon the operation and retreat back to base.

Losses were high. Command squad lost eight, while 3rd squad lost six. 2nd squad lost one. There were no other casualties.

5) A Chernarus Defense Forces special operations team, directly attached to Chernarus 2nd Army Corp was assigned the task of assassinating a pair of separatist operatives who had taken over the town of Khuzhadon in Beketov Tuesday night.

According to recon reports, a number of local citizens were executed just north of town, in an effort to cleanse the area of people the two operatives, Ivan Platanov and Aferdita Nura, deemed a danger.

The team was landed by MI-24 800 meters south of Khuzhadon. When the team approached town a second MI-24 began an attack run against enemy technicals deployed in town. The AH was shot down with the loss of the crew.

As the commander attempted to gained a target, he and three others of his team were killed by a surviving heavy machine gun technical. The sole survivor of the team declared the mission outcome doubtful, and asked for orders to retreat.

Casualties were catastrophic with four operators dead and a crashed MI-24.

6) A rifle group from 2nd Bn Chernarus 17th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to retake the village of Groznovo in eastern Beketov Wednesday night.

The village was taken over the morning before by a separatist light rifle group headed by the operatives Grigorie Bukharin and Svetlana Kournikova, both of whom were under apparent orders to fortify the area.

The tactical plan was for the entire rifle force, supported by two SU-25 ground interdiction fighters and one MI-24 attack helicopter, to attack from the west in a solid line. 2nd squad would take the north, while 3rd squad took the middle.

In its attack, commander of command squad was killed while trying to square off against an enemy SPG-9 technical. Second in command continued the operation.

The two operatives were found. Commander eliminated Kournikova and seized documents from her person. The commander then searched for, and found the three supply trucks separatists had moved next to the village.

Command squad was cut down when an enemy reinforcing rifle squad fired on command squad as the commander destroyed the supply trucks. Losses in this instance were catastrophic.

3rd squad was wiped out. 2nd squad lost eight while command squad lost 11. The operation failed to clear Groznovo.

Other losses included one BRDM scout car and one BRDM AT vehicle, destroyed while tasked to cover the north from incoming enemy reinforcements.

7) A Chernarus naval infantry amphibious rifle force from 2nd Bn Chernarus 2nd Naval Infantry Brigade was ordered to attack and clear the town of Dorida in Altis Thursday morning.

Ilya Tekelija and Anastasia Shanina, who were separatist operatives, led a force composed of Saharani militia and Russian MVD special forces to capture the town. Aside from the attack task, the group was ordered to locate a set of documents stolen from the separatists.

In the initial landing, command squad ran into a beach patrol. A firefight ensued. The patrol was eliminated, so the operation inland continued.

Separatists were holding a small community 2 kilometers southeast of Dorida. Those forces were swept away. The commander was killed by an enemy rifleman while beginning the assault on the small community. The squad's RTO was killed when the second in command attempted to clear a building.

With the loss of the commander came the loss of coms to naval artillery support. However, a pair of Greek F4s assisted the marines by destroying a number of technicals, one of which brought command squad under heavy machine gun fire.

The original tactical plan was to attack the town from the hills to the southeast. 2nd and 3rd squad penetrated the town's security zone, while command squad entered from the east. Sweeping west, the command squad located the two operatives. Commander eliminated Shanina.

The town was cleared. Commander spent several minutes trying to find dead drop documents left in a field north of town, but ran out of time. The force received orders to retreat back to the boats.

Losses were light. 2nd squad lost one, while command squad lost two. One of the F4s' were shot down with the loss of the air crew.

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