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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from July 2nd to July 8th Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at an reduced pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in five operations in four regions.

1) A combat team from 4th Bn Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade, was rushed to Rassau in Rosche Friday morning to relieve forces which were stranded there and expecting an imminent attack.

Two recon rifle squads from brigade recon were ordered to Rassau last week to conduct recon in the wake of the meeting engagement that took place in Schlieckau two weeks before. The recon deployment reported they were expecting an attack at any moment.

During the road march to Rassau the infantry section of the combat team came under fire from enemy Saharani militia. Command squad dismounted their BTR and commenced a counterattack, pushing that force away.

Once the combat team was deployed, the two recon rifle squads were loaded onto trucks and evacuated back to friendly lines. Enemy vehicles commenced their attacks. A foot patrol appeared in the west, but was driven off.

The enemy attacked with heavy armor, but getting no closer than 500 meters or so, where friendly tanks destroyed them with tank gunfire. Aside from the commander's counterattack at the outset of the operation, no other infantry appeared.

Once the relief forces were safely back behind the lines, the combat team began its retreat.

Losses were light. Scout 1 suffered a crew hit. One of the technicals accompanying the recon force was destroyed by RPOG fire. 2nd squad lost one.

The enemy by field count lost two BRDMs, one BMP-1 and one T-55 tank.

2) A task force assembled from 1st Bn Chernarus 7th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to rush to west Granichak in Leskovets to relieve and evacuated a small recon force Friday night.

The road march to Granichak was very rapid owning to the fact the enemy failed to send out foot patrols.

The recon force was undergoing heavy attacks from separatist riflemen as the task force entered town. Their losses were high as they were ordered to retreat south of town to await evacuation via truck.

Tank 2 was destroyed in a traffic accident which blocked the main east west road through town. 2nd squad's BTR was overturned as well. The commander determined that since only one tank was around to defend, he could not risk the delay it would entail to right the vehicle.

Infantry attacks evaporated once the task force was deployed in town. An armor attack took place, however, involving two T-55s and one BTR-80A. All three vehicles were destroyed in town.

When the signal was received that the trucks were safe, the commander set rally 1, two kilometers south in Diva Slatina. The task force exited the area of operation in good order.

Combat losses were zero. One tank and one BTR were destroyed. 2nd squad was forced to commandeer a bus to leave town.

3) On Saturday night a task force from 2nd Bn Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was assigned the mission of taking and clearing the town of Pushtoshka in western Chernarus.

The separatist force which took over the town the morning before were led by two operatives, identified as Enver Hoxha and Anna Allilueyva. The two were assigned to the task force as targets to be eliminated. Three supply trucks parked on the northwestern edge of town were marked for destruction.

The task force approach town from the southwest, as separatist artillery begin firing artillery. CDF forces managed to avoid the impact zone and closed to the southwestern edge of town.

The tactical plan was for command squad to sweep the town on the eastern side while the two other rifle squads would sweep on the west. Two BRDM scout cars would provide heavy machine gun fire support.

The operation went smoothly, however, the task force failed to find either operatives. Just as the operation was about to end, following the destruction of the three supply trucks, command ordered the operation cancelled and the task force to withdraw south.

Command located a new threat in the form of enemy troops and technicals massing about 1.5 kilometers to the west. The task force withdrew south, and prepared to meet newly arrived reinforcements.

The new operation went quickly and the area designated was cleared of enemy forces with a combination of artillery and massed attacks by the reinforcements. They were supported by one BRDM. Included in the destruction were two heavy machine gun technicals.

The command abandoned the operation even through the area had been cleared. The task force withdrew back to base.

Losses were moderate. Command squad lost one, 2nd squad lost one, and 3rd squad lost seven, when they remained in an artillery impact zone. One SU-25 ground interdiction fighter was shot down. One BRDM scout was suffered a total crew loss after being attacked by an enemy foot patrol.

4) A special operations team attached to Chernarus 1st Army Corps was ordered to Lopatino in Cherarus to spot and identify an enemy operative Tuesday night.

Corps recon staff said that Agim Gojcaj and Elena Tereshvova only recently came to Lopatino to manage a supply depot for separatists. The mission was to identify the operative Gojcaj, and to await further orders.

The team was supported by one MI-24 attack helicopter, which conducted several attack runs on enemy forces in the village. The team knew from pre mission briefing that Gojcaj would himself be patrolling the area.

The team engaged in a fire fight with several enemy riflemen including a squad of Russian MVD special forces and Saharani militia. The attack helicopter by the field count destroyed no fewer than two technicals which were in the village.

The commander also set some mines in the main east-west road, which caught and destroyed an enemy heavy machine gun technical.

The team spotted Gojcaj during his patrol, and reported the sighting to command. The team was instead ordered to penetrate what was left of the village security zone, locate and eliminate Tereshkova.

The commander stripped the dead body of Tereshkova of documents she was known to carry, then exited the area of operation.

Casualties were moderate. The team sapper was killed during the firefight, probably by a sniper. The remaining team members returned to base safely for debrief.

5) Thursday morning, an amphibious rifle force from 2nd Bn Chernarus 2nd Naval Infantry Brigade conducted a raid on Selakano in Altis. Their target was to eliminate a pair of separatist commanders, Ruslan Kravchuck and Valbona Dersaj.

Naval intelligence, through electronic intercepts and reports from friendly informants in Selakano, were told the separatists were planning a pogrom for the area, and they had information about those plans.

Upon landing, the task force came under fire from a separatist foot patrol. The command ordered 2nd squad on to its start positions, while command squad and 3rd squad counterattacked. Counterattack successful, the operation continued.

The task force ordered artillery fire on a nearby separatist check point during the approach march, which was destroyed. The attack on the southern edge of Selakano commenced with all three rifle squads moving on a solid line.

Enemy fire, coming from Spanish speaking and Serb speaking militia was intense. The arrival of air support (two Hellenic F4 figher-bombers) helped in eliminating a number of technicals.

2nd and 3rd squad were so damaged by the fighting that command squad completed the mission in pushing to the northern edge of town. Later, after finding stolen documents left at a dead drop, commander found Dersaj and stripped her of documents.

During the retreat, the commander was informed that both air support birds were shot down, and that three of the four air crews survived the crash. But before the commander could mount a recovery mission, he learned the pilots were killed.

Losses were high. Command squad lost two, 2nd squad lost eight and 3rd squad lost seven.

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