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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from July 23rd to July 30th Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at a decreased pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in five operations in five regions.

1) Late Friday night, a task force with 4th Bn Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade was assembled to recover a tank immobilized in a previous battle near Rassau in Rosche.

The tactical plan was for the task force to split into two wings and push past the tank, engaging and destroying enemy infantry and vehicles along the way. Command squad covered for the commander as he assisted in the repairs.

Once the tank was mobile and retreated away from the area of operation, the task force retreated. As the rifles were withdrawing, two enemy rifle attacks took place. Both were stopped by combined rifle fire from command squad and from small arms fire from the tanks.

Casualties were moderate. Tank 2 was destroyed by an enemy T-55 as it was retreating back to base.

2) A subsequent operation from last week's attack on Rottorf in Werferlingen, executed by Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Brigade operations staff, left a small rifle/technical detachment at Rennau Saturday evening.

Brigade operations ordered 1st Bn to execute a relief operation with the aim of evacuating those troops, which had no motor transport of their own, back to the brigade security zone.

In relief operations, mobile troops must move as quickly as possible to the area of operation, even as enemy attacks are taking place.

The tanks of the task force assigned reached Rennau first, then the scout cars. When the infantry platoon arrived, Tank 2 already had destroyed two BTR-80As and one BRDM scout car.

The two rifle squads were taken aboard two vehicles, then safely moved back to the brigade security zone.

The deployment was in a line facing the river. One main road was covered by one of the technicals, which held its ground until its shooter was killed. As the technical was retreated back into town, Scout 1 was moved into position to cover the road.

An enemy RPG shot destroyed Scout 1 along with its crew. The same fate awaited Scout 2, this time from a shot from an enemy T34/85.

Once the order to return to base was issued, enemy armor began crossing the river, but they were stopped by tank gunfire.

Losses were moderate with the two scout cars destroyed. No other task force losses were reported.

The enemy lost two BTR-80As, two T-34/85 tanks, two T-55 tanks, one BRDM scout car, and one BMP-2.

3) An amphibious naval infantry task force, formed from 2nd Bn. Chernarus 2nd Separate Naval Infantry Brigade was ordered to Selakano in Altis, to attack and clear the town Sunday afternoon.

Separate forces, led by Rusland Kravchuck and Elena Goslova, took over the town the previous night. Already their forces were arresting civilians for resistance activities. Command reported that three such victims were being held in Selakano.

The task force landed by assault boat, and were immediately attacked by a separatist beach patrol. The task force counterattacked, eliminating the patrol.

The tactical plan was as it was two weeks ago when Selakano was attacked: The task force would advance north in a solid line, while Hellenic F4 fighters provided air support.

Resistance stiffened as the task force moved further into town. The task force was suffering casualties. Air support eliminated at least two enemy heavy vehicles.

The commander located Goslova and eliminated her. Documents found on her person was a list of people she wanted to eliminate. Kravchuck could not be found, so it was assumed he was killed.

The commander was unable to locate the three prisoners, until command squad found one wounded prisoner somewhat north of town. First aid was rendered. Then prisoner was escorted back to the boats.

Casualties were high. Command squad lost one, while 2nd squad lost four and 3rd squad lost two. Both F4 aircraft were shot down. 4) A task force from 1st Bn Chernarus 17th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to Shagrenovo in Beketov Tuesday afternoon.

Brigade recon staff had intercepts and operative reports that a large separatist force was heading to the Treshka River in preparation for an attack on 1st Bn. Command ordered 1st Bn's move based on data the force would have to go through Shagrenovo first.

Command squad first attacked the enemy rifle group holding the airport. The attack went very quickly, but the task force commander was killed.

Deployed in Shagrenovo, the enemy attack from the northwest using Russian MVD special forces troops. Then attacks from the north came, in the form of Saharani militia, and a BRDM scout car.

Already the infantry sections were suffering mild casualties until the moment retreat orders were issued. The task force scout cars were the first to leave, then 2nd squad.

As 3rd squad was leaving an enemy T-34/85 tank arrived and began firing. 3rd squad losses mounted. 2nd squad retreated from its position early owning to the presence of enemy armor. 2nd squad suffered losses as well.

Command squad began its retreat after, assuming the task force was safe, however, the rest of the task force suffered casualties from enemy forces right down to the river. Command squad suffered casualties as well.

Losses were heavy. Command squad lost six, 2nd squad lost six, while 3rd squad lost nine. Both BRDM-AT vehicles were lost as well. A river patrol element lost three.

5) A light infantry task force from 2nd Bn 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was assembled to carry out an order to attack and clear the hamlet of Kabanino in Chernarus late Wednesday evening.

The hamlet was taken over by separatist forces led by two operatives, Simeon Sevic and Svetlana Zhukova. Both were in the process of eliminating their opponents. Brigade recon staff had information of the execution of around 20 local civilians.

The tactical plan was for all three rifle squads to advance in a solid line. 2nd squad and 3rd squads would then make a turning movement north and attack into town. However, 2nd squad was attacked by a patrol, which delayed their start.

2nd squad still hadn't arrived when the attack began. Command squad marched north past the church, while 3rd squad turned north in the direction of the Kolkhoz.

Enemy counterfire was very heavy. Command squad encountered two technicals, which kept them pinned down at the church for several minutes. One of the scout cars was destroyed in the initial contact. The second scout car destroyed the technicals.

Both operatives were killed, but commander was unable to locate Zhukova. Documents were taken from the dead body of Seveic. By then the town clearing operation was canceled and a new operation was ordered.

Brigade recon staff received new information that separatist forces were massing at a location two kilometers north of Kabanino. Reinforcements for the new operation had arrived, and would rendezvous with the remnants of the task force one kilometer west of Vybor.

On the way to the rendezvous, the commander and one other element of command squad was killed by a Serbian militia machine gunner. The second in command decided not to pursue the militiamen, because an enemy tank was nearby.

Reinforcements meanwhile had arrived at the rendezvous. Command and 3rd squad were reinforced, with 3rd squad getting an antiarmor team. Reinforcements also included a rifle squad, a BMP-2 and a BRDM scout car.

The attack was launched. All rifle units kept in a broad front as best they could, penetrating the new position's security zone. Several vehicles were in the new area of operation, including two BT-80As and a BMP-1.

The attack was successful, taking a total of 31 minutes from initial order to completion. Casualties were moderate. Command squad lost four, while 2nd squad lost five and 3rd squad lost six. The new reinforcing squad lost five.

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