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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from July 31st to August 6th Inclusive.

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The tempo of combat operations continued at an increased pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in six operations in five regions.

1) Friday afternoon in Rosche, a hastily assembled task force from 4th Bn, Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade was ordered to Hanstedt to relieve a small rifle force stranded, and facing a heavy enemy attack.

Both corps and brigade command operations staffs like to send to small patrols to forward areas to assess the enemy's strength. The group in Hanstedt reported they were facing an armor attack and requested a means to leave town.

In relief situations where the enemy is on the verge of taking over a position, speed is important in order to secure the area for safe transport of friendly units.

In the initial contact, Scout 1 (BRDM) ran headlong into a separatist foot patrol east of Hanstedt, and was promptly hit and destroyed with an RPG shot. The other BRDM was ordered to pull over to await the arrival of the tanks.

The two relieving squads were attacked by what was later found to be Spanish speaking militia. Squad 1 lost one in the firefight, while Squad 2 lost five. The tanks arrived and pushed into town, then north to secure to main highway.

3rd squad arrived next, and was ordered to push to the west wide of town. Scout 2 was ordered to provide heavy machine gun fire support to the relieving squads, suffering from attacks by enemy infantry.

Command squad pushed in to the center of town, then deployed pointing north. Several enemy armor vehicles arrived a few moments later. The tank destroyed some of them. The rest were destroyed by infantry RPG shots.

There were delays in getting stragglers aboard the trucks even as enemy armor continued to pour into town. However, the operation was a success. Once the order was issued to abandon town, the task force retreated east.

Losses were moderate. None of the task force rifle units suffered losses. Tank 2 was damaged but underwent field repair, as did Scout 2.

Field reports put enemy losses at two BRDMs, two T-34/85s, one unidentified technical, and one each BTR-80A, and T-55.

2) Saturday evening an ad hoc element composed of units from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 33rd Separate Mountain Rifle Brigade was ordered to Schonthal in Cham with orders to intercept enemy mobile troops moving south.

Using electronic intercepts, and reports from friendly operatives on the ground, Brigade recon staff determined were enemy mobile troops to breakthrough south, 2nd Bn would be forced to abandon their positions.

The tactical plan was for the tanks to cover the main road leading north and northeast out of town. 2nd squad would cover an eastern road, while 3rd squad would support Tank 2.

Scout 1 was ordered to screen the eastern flank and support 2nd squad, while Scout 2 was ordered north of Tank 1's position to cover an eastern road.

Enemy infantry attacks were led by Russian MVD special forces, which attempted to infiltrate into command squad' position. They were followed by Spanish speaking militia.

However, some time into the mission, the task force was ordered to the northeast to a new position to intercept a rifle\tank group from flanking the positions held in Schonthal.

2nd squad was ordered to cover a main road in Schonthal, while 3rd squad was ordered to provide support to command squad. Command squad stopped an attack by yet another squad of Russian MVD troops, while Tank 2 defeated an enemy T-55.

Losses were moderate. 2nd squad lost two, while 3rd squad lost one. Scout 2 was destroyed by an enemy RPG shot. Field reports put enemy vehicle losses at three BRDMs, two unidentified technicals, and one each T-34/85 and T-55.

3) Sunday morning an armored task force from 1st Bn, Chernarus 7th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to Valbono in Leskovets to intercept a large separatist force expected to pass through there.

The Leskovets region has been quiet in the last month, and all the activity in the weeks preceding that took place in the west. Battalion recon staff reported to brigade that they expected that activity to continue.

Brigade recon staff, however, received data from an undisclosed source that the separatists were planning to move substantial forces into the east, starting with Valbono, and ending with Leskovets village.

In Valbono, tanks took up positions in either side of the north-south road, while the scout cars screened the east-west road. The infantry section took up positions in Valbono. The logistics section deployed to Leskovets village.

Technicals arrived first, and they were destroyed with tank machine gun fire. Then, BRDMs arrived, again, destroyed by tanks, this time with tank main gunfire. Infantry attacks began shortly thereafter from the north and the northwest.

Reinforcements from 2nd Bn arrived. The reinforcing tank took up a position further east to cover both roads, while the relief squad was held in reserve.

Armor attacks increased with intensity, BTR-80As and BRDMs came down the north-south road, firing. Tanks destroyed them. Then enemy tanks arrived, from the north and the northwest. The infantry section was hit by infantry attacks.

One T-34/85 penetrated the security zone in the south. With all the tanks in the north, it was up to command squad RPG gunners to destroy the tank. By the time orders to withdraw and return to base were issued, the attacks ended.

Losses were high. 2nd and 3rd squads lost two each. The relieving squad lost all but one. Both scout cars were destroyed. The air support SU-25 ground interdiction aircraft was shot down with the loss of the pilot.

Field counts put enemy vehicle losses at three BRDMs, three BTR-80As, three T-55s, two T-34/85a and two unidentified technicals.

4) Early Monday night, Chernarus special forces team, attached to Chernarus Coastal Operations group operations staff, was ordered to Vavilovo in far northern Chernarus with the mission of eliminating separatist operatives Alexei Yakovliev and Svetlana Zhukova.

Both of those operatives long have been considered criminals, not only for their role in the 2009 civil war, but also their current crimes. Some of those crimes included murder and deprivation of liberty.

The team landed by transport bird 800 meters southeast of town, then proceeded towards the objective. Air support MI-24 attack helicopter arrived just as the team began penetrating the town's security zone.

Air support concentrated its fire on technicals deployed in town, as the team carved a path to the operatives' front door. The commander eliminated Zhukova and her security detail. Documents were taken from both operatives.

The team then exited the battle area south to a rendezvous with the transport bird, which flew the team back to naval aviation base Balota.

There were zero casualties in the operation.

5) On Wednesday evening, 2nd Bn, Chernarus 17th Light Rifle Brigade was tasked with attacking the village of Veeremevo in Beketov.

The task force assembled was supported by two BRDM scout cars and two BRDM AT vehicles. Air support included two SU-25 ground interdiction fighters and an MI-24 attack helicopter.

Two separatist operatives were targeted for elimination for their participation in illegal combat attacks. Jovan Emmanuel and Amarda Pepaj led the takeover of Veeremevo the morning before, and were planning to support more attacks in western Beketov.

The tactical plan was for 2nd and 3rd squad to approach town from the south, dismount and make two pincers of an east-west enveloping maneuver. Command squad, supported by one BRDM scout car, would attack from the east.

Air support made a tremendous mess for the separatists. Despite being targeted by heavy weapon technicals, the vehicles were destroyed, allowing the task force light infantry to penetrate the security zone the separatists had set up.

The task force third in command launched his assault on the housing unit the operatives were staying. Reports were all but Pepaj were eliminated. The command used a hand grenade to eliminate Pepaj.

The dead body of Jovan Emmanuel was not found, and Pepaj was too badly damaged for the task force to retrieve documents they were known to carry on their persons.

After the three supply trucks were destroyed, a retreat order was issued for the task force to leave, and return to base.

Casualties were high. Command squad lost five, while 2nd squad lost four. 3rd squad lost three. No vehicles were reported lost.

6) Early Thursday morning, a Chernarus five man special operations team was inserted near Sinystok with orders to recover a pair of friendly operatives holed up in an empty building.

The operatives, a males and female team, were uncovered by their landlord who conducted a surreptitious inspection of their apartment. They fled to Sinystok and contacted Chernarus 1st Rifle Corps recon staff.

In the initial contact, air support for the operation was shot down by a heavy machine gun technical. The team proceeded to the warehouse, clearing their way of armed enemy infantry.

The team commander made contact, offered first aid to the female operative who was injured when she fled, then led the operatives to the exfiltration point.

Casualties were high. Apart from the destroyed MI-24 helicopter, one team member was killed in the initial assault.

The operatives had brought with them many documents and computer media concerning their time in far northern Chernarus.

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