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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from August 13th to August 19th Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at an increased pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in six operations in five regions.

1) Brigade recon and operations staff ordered a task force assembled from 4th, Bn 10th Separate Tank Brigade to Teyendorf in Rosche Friday morning.

It was discovered a separatist armor force would attempt to take over Batensen, about 1.5 kilometers to the south of town.

The separatists attempted to attack and overrun Batensen last month, but were stopped by 4th Bn.

Teyendorf is a difficult location to defend because it sits just across of a river, and there is only one bridge south of Teyendorf. The bridge is a choke point for both reinforcements and supply.

The task force deployed quickly, and they were met with infantry attacks, first in the east from a Russian MVD special forces team. Armor vehicles attacked as well as technicals, all of which the tanks stopped with tank gunfire.

Another attack materialized later which included Serb speaking militia, having penetrated into the security zone. Command squad launched a counterattack south, near the river, with the goal of eliminating the threat.

Later a Russian speaking foot patrol came into town, so once again command squad was forced to counterattack to clear that patrol.

Armor attacks came from the north, unexpectedly, and from the southwest. The mass of armor attacks should have been much larger. The attacks were stopped by tank gunfire.

Retreat orders were issued. The task force retreated south across the bridge in good order, taking up positions at a location about one kilometer southwest, designated by the commander as rally1.

The task force suffered zero casualties. Field counts of enemy losses include two BRDM scout cars, two BTR-80As,one T-34/85, one T-55, and one heavy machine gun technical.

2) Brigade operations staff, Chernarus 7th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade ordered a series of patrols to the Varbono area of Leskovets starting two weeks ago, after CDF forces stopped an enemy advance through the area.

Separatists have been increasing their operations in the area, so brigade command wanted a report from Varbono. Two rifle squads and two technicals were sent there Friday night. The site commander reported an enemy build up of troops.

A task force was assembled and assigned the task for evacuating the force from Varbono. As the task force moved to Varbono, the attacks began.

In relief/evacuation operations, speed is the main issue for relieving forces. An early morning operation begun in the dark and in light rain hampered the speed somewhat. The BRDM scout cars reached Varbono first.

Attacks against the relief force began early. The rifle squads were ordered to retreat from town south for a rendezvous with trucks to transport them back to the forward zone, as soon as the task force arrived.

French speaking and Spanish speaking militia penetrated into town, but upon arrival of the task force's infantry, they were driven back or eliminated. Enemy armor attacks began in earnest.

Enemy tanks started targeting the task force's BTR APCs. 3rd squad lost their BTR to tank gunfire. Command squad's BTR was lost owning to a traffic accident.

When the retreat order came down, the BRDMs left first, then the infantry. Tank 1 and Tank 2 were moved to the north to intercept enemy tanks. Tank 2 became bracketed between one T-34/85 and one T-55 tank. It was destroyed.

In the meantime, the trucks evacuating the relieving squads were delayed for a brief period. The retreat on foot for command and 3rd squads continued.

Casualties were heavy. 2nd squad lost one, while third squad lost two and their BTR. Command squad lost their BTR. Command squad hitched a ride with one of the scout cars to report back to base.

Field counts of enemy losses included two T-34/85s, two BRDM scout cars, two T-55 tanks and one technical.

3) A separatist force in Rosche took over the town of Rassau Friday night while the Varbono operation was going on. Messages and intelligence received by Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade recon staff said the new occupants were conducting a pogrom against residents.

A task force was assembled Saturday night and sent to Rassau with orders to eliminate a pair of enemy operatives, Ismail Gjokaj and Jelana Stajsic. Intelligence indicated a large number of civilians had been massacred, so locating the massacre site also was an assigned task.

The tactical plan was for Tank 1 and Tank 2 to close on the east side of Rassau, providing cover fire for 2nd squad and 3rd squad as they penetrated the town from the east.

Command squad and both BRDMs would attack from the south, with command squad and one BRDM pushing up to the housing unit of the enemy operatives.

Command squad encountered a number of enemy infantry, which were swept away by counterfire. The commander located the residence and began his assault. The building was occupied by one Serb speaking rifleman, who was eliminated.

The commander located both operatives, but of whom were gunned down by elements of command squad. The commander seized documents from the dead operatives, including a list of server IPs and a list of passwords.

Command squad continued its push to locate the massacre site north of town. On the return trip after recording the massacre site, command squad was hit by an enemy counterattack from the west. The enemy force consisted of Russian speaking militia.

The order then was given to retreat. All units withdrew from Rassau in good order.

Casualties were light. Command squad and 2nd squad each lost two.

4) A light rifle task force formed from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 24th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack Topolin in Livionia late Tuesday evening.

Brigade recon staff received word that two operatives, Viktor Kaba and Manja Novakovic, led a separatist force to Topolin early Tuesday morning, and had begun kidnapping and murdering selected citizens.

Topolin is the northernmost extant of 2nd Bn security zone, so the march to reach the town took about 40 minutes. The tactical plan was for Tank 1 and Tank 2 to deploy along the ridge to the southeast of Topolin, overlookng the town.

Then, as 2nd and 3rd squads advanced, the tanks would provide fire support as the infantry made contact. Meanwhile command squad, supported by the BRDM scour car, would attack from the south, towards the operatives' housing unit.

2nd and 3rd squad made contact first as they pushed into town. The tanks advanced along one northbound road, while command squad and the BRDM advanced along a parallel road. Command squad exchanged fire with Serb speaking militia.

Command squad, in conjunction with 2nd squad eliminated the two operatives. The commander stripped both of documents. 2nd squad was then ordered to push north. 3rd squad was ordered to push west.

Command squad pushed to the east to locate the massacre site. It was heavily defended with militia and a heavy machine gun technical. An enemy SPG-9 technical fired on command squad killing six, including the commander.

Meantime, both of the other rifle squads, which had suffered heavy casualties were ordered to retreat out of town, once the retreat order was issued. 3rd squad was hit so hard, it had two elements left, so it was folded into command squad.

The mission was a success, but casualties were very heavy. Command squad lost six, while 2nd squad lost five.

5) Late Wednesday evening a task force from 1st Bn Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to the hamlet of Staroye in Chernarus to attack and clear the area.

A separatist force led by the operatives Ruslan Kravchuk and Anastasia Shanina, moved into the village early Wednesday. They brought a mortar battery with them, which was deployed less than three kilometers from 1st Bn's forward zone.

The march to the area of operation took less than 20 minutes. Enemy artillery fire began falling on the area in the south, but the Chernarus attack force maneuvered away from the impact zone, and marched to their start points.

The tactical plan was for the three rifle squads to advance in a line from the south, with both BRDM scout cars providing heavy machine gun fire support. Enemy fire was very heavy, especially from an enemy heavy machine gun Humvee.

The task force advanced about half way to the operatives' housing unit. The Humvee crew were firing frantically, even striking the SU-25 ground interdiction fighter. Their gunfire disabled one of the scout cars with a crew hit.

The three rifle squads responded with a wave of RPG fire, which hit and destroyed the Humvee. Enemy counterfire continued from the north as the task force advanced further.

The three mortars were destroyed solely by rifle fire. They never got shot off. The commander began his assault on the residence, eliminating Anastasia Shanina. Others in command squad eliminated Kravchuck.

Documents seized included a list of enemy assassins and a list of their intended victims. Once that objective was achieved, the task force was deployed to counter any enemy counterattack.

There were some enemy infantry which closed on the task force's position, but they were wiped out. The commander waited until 2000 hours awaiting the order to retreat. Then the commander called the retreat.

Losses were moderate. Each rifle squad lost one, the three crew from the BRDm were killed, and the SU-25 fighter was shot down with the loss of the crew.

It is worth noting that, despite an attempt to engage the enemy artillery battery with BM-21 rocket artillery launchers from 1st Army Corps rocket artillery battalion, the enemy artillery fired continually long after the task force left the area.

6) Thursday afternoon, a rifle detachment from 1st Bn Chernarus 24th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade was ordered to launch a spoiling attack against separatist forces at Location 401, 3705 in Summa region.

Two more tasks were in addition to the attack task, including eliminating a pair of separatist commanders, Jovan Emmanuel and Roza Vyalitsyna. 43rd Mountain Corps recon staff staff reported that the pair only recently arrived at the location.

The tactical plan was for all three rifle squads to advance across the river, using local vegetation as cover, 2nd squad and 3rd squad on the right, with command squad advancing on the left. Scout Cars 1 and two would provide heavy machine gun fire support.

Immediately on contact, it transpired that the separatists had two Humvee heavy machine gun MRAPs positioned in defense. The commander ordered several artillery strikes against the target, but the two MRAPS continued to fire on friendly forces.

2nd squad and 3rd squad were ordered to advance and destroy the Humvee in the east, while the commander concentrated artillery on the second Humvee. The artillery missions caused delays in advancing into the enemy position.

Enemy counterfire was murderous. All three rifle units losses began to mount as the two Humvee took their tolls. In the end, the acting commander, a corporal called a retreat without securing the location. By then, it was to late.

Casualties were catastrophic. 2nd squad was wiped out. Command and 3rd squad were cut down to three each. Both scout cars were destroyed with the loss of the crews.

The position had been occupied by Spanish speaking militia and Russian MVD special forces. During the retreat more MVD units appeared along with a tank.

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