Combat Summary, September 3rd, 2020 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from August 27th to September 2nd Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at a decreased pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in three operations in three regions.

1) In Rosche Friday evening, a task force assembled from 1st Bn Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade was ordered to the town of Teyendorf. A separatist force entered the town only hours before, led by two operatives, Jovan Adamovich and Emina Meci.

What battalion recon staff discovered is that the operatives arrested the town mayor, her husband and her sister, and were holding them prisoner. Intelligence did not know their plans for them, speculating the three could be executed.

Teyendorf is an incredibly hard town to defend in, and even more difficult to attack because of the river and there being only one bridge across the river to the south.

The tactical plan was for Scout 1 and Scout 2 to make an amphibious crossing on a western stretch of the river, with orders to probe as far to the east as possible until they made contact, then report back.

The second stage was for Tank 1 to cross the bridge and clear out a bridgehead. Meanwhile, Tank 2 would move to the south side of the river without crossing it, to provide covering tank gunfire.

In the third stage, command squad would cross the bridge, immediately dismount behind Tank1 and begin room clearing operations. 2nd squad would follow with 3rd squad held in reserve.

Command squad made the river crossing quickly and cleared out many of the buildings. Tank 1 was ordered to move to the northeast side of town, while command squad continued sweeping the southern extent of the town.

Command squad found the two operatives. Commander himself eliminated Meci, and stripped her of documents. By this time, with 2nd squad across, rifle counterfire was very intense, slowing the advance of command squad.

Tank 1 then was ordered to the northeastern side of town, where the prisoners were being held, with command squad following closely behind. The three were released, then moved to cover near the warehouse where they were found, and given first aid.

The commander's plan was for the civilians to move by foot to command squad's BTR, but command squad infantry element as so busy fighting off an enemy quick reaction force, the civilians remained. An enemy RPG shot struck Tank 1.

The resulting explosion wounded every element of command squad, plus the hostages. Commander moved to the east side of the building to fight off the enemy force. The mayor's husband and her sister were killed in the crossfire.

Tank 1 suffered a mobility hit, so command brought Tank 2 across the river to deal with a pair of BTR-80As which were bearing down on the defensive zone in town. A repair truck, which was staged at was brought in for repairs for Tank 1.

Casualties were surprisingly light. Scout 1 suffered a crew hit, with one crew member surviving. All squads lost one each. The task force withdrew south in good order.

Separatists lost two BRDM scout cars, two technicals, and two BTR-80As.

2) Saturday night in Werferlingen, a warning order was issued by 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade operations staff that a separatist force would be crossing the river at Horsingen.

Moving quickly in heavy rains, the task force assembled rushed to Horsingen to take up defensive positions. An infantry attack took place from across the northeastern bridge, fought off by command squad and artillery.

An enemy BTR-80A attacked along the westbound road, but Tank 2 stopped it. Command then issued new orders for the task force to advance north to a new objective northwest, across the river.

Commander wanted to leave the bridge covered while a separate battle group formed. Tank 1, 3rd squad, and the BRDM scout car was left on the west side of town to cover any incursion of enemy troops from that direction.

Command squad, a relief tank, 2nd squad and a relief squad all crossed the bridge and headed to the new objective. The relief squad moved off to the northern edge of the forest, before the command realized that enemy armor would be using that road to capture the objective.

Command squad and 2nd squad marched through the woods to the new objective. The relief tank would not enter the forest, nor would command squad's and 2nd squad's BTRs.

Once at the objective, the commander determined that in order to stop the enemy, his forces would have to take to road just 200 meters west of the objective, However, by that time, one enemy T-34/85 tank, one T-55 tank and one BRDM scout car were advancing down the road.

The commander called artillery on the road, dumping several rounds atop the enemy armor, and hopefully atop enemy infantry. Command decided against trying to take the road, then retreated back to the objective. That was when enemy infantry attacked en masse.

The relief squad was cut down to just two, while losses were steadily mounting for command and 2nd squad. Command squad also lost their BTR to enemy RPG fie. The commander requested and received orders to retreat.

Meanwhile in Horsingen, the remaining armor fought off several heavy armor attacks, but paid a price to do so. The main avenue of retreat was covered, allowing the sub task force to retreat back to base.

Losses were heavy. Command squad and 2nd squad lost four each. 3rd squad, remaining in town lost three including their BTR. Command squad and the relief squad lost their BTRs as well. The task force BRDM scout car was destroyed by tank gunfire.

Field count of enemy armor losses included two BTR-80As and one T-3585, all in Horsingen.

3) Early Thursday morning in Livonia, a task force from from 2nd Bn Chernarus 24th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack and clear the village of Lembork.

Especially urgent in the order was the fact that the two operatives leading the takeover of the town, Jovan Koncarevic and Svetlana Zhukova, also deployed an AA battery. This was an indication of an intention to escalate the strength of forces in the area.

The tactical plan was for Tank 1 to move to the crossroads to the north east of town to cover the north south road, while Tank 2 would provide heavy tank gun fire support for the infantry assault.

The three rifle squads, marching in a line, and supported by heavy machine gun fire by the BRDM scout car, was to attack from the southwest to the northeast.

In the initial contact, the AA battery caught Tank 1 with a mobility hit. The AA guns also fired on 2nd and 3rd squads as they advanced. Command squad hit the ground and continued to move forward.

Eventually, the three AA guns were neutralized by small arms fire, allowing the assault to continue. Command squad was the first to reach the southern edge of town. There, two technicals were firing on approaching friendly rifles.

Once the technicals were destroyed, the town clearing began in earnest. Command reached the area where the two operatives were located, and eliminated them both. Documents were seized, one of which was a list of towns in Livonia to be captured, and a list concerning ammunition supplies.

Once the town was clear, the order to retreat was issued. 2nd and 3rd squads were ordered to leave first, followed by Tank 1, and then the BRDM. As they were leaving, another enemy rifle group attacked, destroying the Tank 2 with RPG fire.

Command squad stayed as long as possible to allow the rest of the command to escape. Command squad was severely hit as they left, and nearly destroyed.

Casualties were very heavy. Command squad lost seven, while 2nd squad lost six, and 3rd squad lost five. One tank was abandoned, while the other was destroyed.

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