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Posted by: badanov

The verdict?

Not bad.

Running it on my lowly Win98 box was a chore. The map scrolling was very jerky, so it must be run in a Windowed mode. But it does run.

SPMBT was developed by Don Goodbrand and Andy Gaily, both programmers who have been tweaking and improving on the Steel Panthers code since the middle 90s. SPWW2 was their first project and SPMBT was a follow on project first released in 2002.

The beauty of all this is that the development of SPMBT is assisted by scores of volunteers who offer their suggestions and research to make this likely the best tactical computer wargame today, including this writer.

The game is a free download, and an improved version is available for about $40. A forum is available at the website listed above to assist players with the game.

One other thing, and I will post the particulars later, the game can be run under Wine under some restrictions. I had the game running under FreeDOS, but that changed when I had to have a server to learn FreeBSD.

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