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The Florida UCLA game is a tossup, if you believe the oddsmakers.

UCLA put on a great defensive performance against LSU, but even they were held to less than 60 points, something we bet UCLA is not comfortable over.

Let's face it: LSU did very poorly, shut out of the paint and with no long range shooter, it was their destiny to lose.

Florida, has a much better balance. A great three point shooter in Lee Humphreys, and a star sophomore forward who plays like a guard, Corey Brewer.

To hear Fits tell it in an exchange over at is place, Gator fans in Gainesville were nervous, not knowing if their Gators could get passed George Mason. A lot of that doubt about their team still lingers.

Florida did choke in the regular season against South Carolina twice, and the dropped three games in a row, all of the losses being SEC regular season games. Letting South Carolina, a team that finished sixth in the SEC East should have been a indicator of the rest of their season, allowing themselves to be swept by such a marginal team as the Gamecocks. At one point, Florida had a chance to tie up the SEC East with Tennessee, but they choked.

One of the reasons we didn't originally see Florida make the Sweet Sixteen were these problems they had. Corey brewer was hurt and playing on a sprained ankle, and we think it was one of the Florida guards who put a scare into coach Billy Donovan; all these factors led Florida to problems on the court.

Both teams are young, and if players from these teams decide not to go into the NBA, these teams will be even better next year. Scary thought.

We would love to predict with absolute confidence that Florida will pull this one off. We know they have the talent and now the experience, plus the coaching necessary to win the championship. We can't even predict this game will be razor close or a runaway.

But this game is a tossup.

Trust us on this: The best team in this game will be the team that wins.

Good luck, Gators.

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