Weekly Combat Summary for Dec 24th, 2021 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from December 17th to December 23rd Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at a steady pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in five operations in five regions.

1) 2nd Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to the attack at Kagti in Gunkizli.

The town clearing part of the mission was a failure. Command squad was caught in the impact zine of a mortar barrage, losing its BTR.

3rd squad lost seven including its BTR. 2nd squad lost five.

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2) In Cham at the town of Thurau, 2nd Bn Chernarus 33rd Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to stop an enemy offensive.

The mission was successful, but losses were high. 3rd squad lost six, while command squad lost one. One scour car was destroyed.

Field counts of enemy losses include three technicals, one T-34/85 and one T-55.

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3) 2nd Bn Chernarus 24th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade attacked the town of Adamow in Livonia.

The two enemy criminal operatives were eliminated and documents on their persons were seized The town clearing was a success.

Losses were moderate with command squad losing six including the commander.

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4) The Chernarus Coastal Operations Group strategic formation launched a Black Ops mission at a location near the airfield near Krasnostav.

The five man naval special forces team was sent to confirm the presence of enemy criminal operative Vladimir Rozhin.

The operation was successful, but suffered heavy losses from two enemy patrols in two separate firefights. The air support MI-24 gunship lost its weapons officer.

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5) An amphibious detachment from 2nd Bn Chernarus 2nd Separate Naval Infantry Brigade was reed to attack and clear the airfield at Selakano in Altis.

The task force also had orders eliminate a pair of criminal enemy operatives, and to release three prisoners being held there.

The prisoners were three innocents rounded up the separatists for questioning. Naval intelligence found out about the prisoners through electronic intercepts.

The mission was a failure. Although the two enemy operatives were killed, the task force failed to secure the area, and was forced back by enemy counterattacks.

Casualties were very heavy. Command squad and 2nd squad both lost four, while 3rd squad was wiped out. Included in the casualty counts was the overall command and one of the civilian prisoners. The third prisoner ran off before the command could come into contact.

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