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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from December 24th to December 30th Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continue at an increased pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in six operations in three regions.

1) Meeting engagement in Ahmstorf in Werferlingen. Mission was a success. SU-25 pilot shot down and rescued in a daring raid north. Losses were heavy during the evacuation from the town. 2nd squad lost four and its BTR. 3rd squad lost two and its BTR. Command squad lost one. A tank and a repair truck were abandoned.

Enemy losses were heavy as well. Field counts put vehicle losses at three T-55s, two T-34/85s, one BTR-80A.

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2) Command 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade ordered their 3rd Bn to assemble a task force for the purpose of overseeing a civilian evacuation of the town of Wallbeck in Werferlingen.

Local separatist commanders and operatives have been threatening a number of civilians with trial and execution over their refusal to pay monetary tribute, and their refusal to allow the separatists to recruit.

The task force deployed in Wallbeck with two tanks to the north and northeast. A reinforcing element also arrived to support coverage in the east.

On the western side of the river was command squad and Scout 1, with the task of defending approaches from the north and northwest.

The separatists tried to hammer home attacks from the north and northwest using their infantry. Those attacks were stopped.

Enemy armor attacked from the main north road, but they were stopped with heavy losses.

The two trucks carrying civilians arrived at their destinations safely, although some civilian evacuees decided at the last minute to stay.

Friendly losses were moderate. Command squad lost one, while 3rd squad lost five. The task force's BRDM scout car was ordered abandoned due to a crew hit. The remaining crew evacuated with the civilians.

2nd and 3rd squad BTRs were destroyed by tank gunfire.

Enemy losses were heavy with two T-34/85s and two T-55s destroyed. One BTR-80A also was destroyed.

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3) A Chernarus Defense Forces special operations team was ordered to a fortified compound at Mount Bashnya in Chernarus with the task of assassinating a pair of enemy criminal operatives, Envar Kadar and Eralda Cunmulaj.

Naval intelligence said that the two were detaining prisoners branded as politically unreliable and executing them. The operatives also brought a heavily armed mixed rifle force with them to defend the compound.

The team was inserted about a kilometer south of the compound, from where they marched to the southwestern edge and infiltrated into the perimeter.

Providing air support was a CDF gunship.

The operatives were located and eliminated. The team then fought their way through enemy reinforcements to locate and record the massacre site.

The team then extracted back to Balota Airfield.

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4) A Chernarus special operations team was dispatched to Severograd in Chernarus to extract a pair of friendly operatives.

The operatives, a female informant and her brother messaged the operations staff at Coastal Operations Group and stated their fears of being discovered and arrested.

The team inserted about a kilometer south of town, and with air support from a Chernarus Defense Forces gunship, penetrated the town's defensive perimeter.

The team discovered the female operative had been killed. The male operative was escorted to the extract point, but died on the way.

The team extracted back to Balota Airfield

. No video or photoplay is available.

5) 3rd Bn Chernarus 24th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade marched to the town of Rockhausen in Gabreta Wednesday after brigade operations staff issued a warning order.

The order said that separatist affiliated forces would pass through Rockhausen on its way south. Operations staff considered the separatist movement as a major push. 3rd Bn was given orders to stop it.

The march took nearly 90 minutes. In that time three of the five armored vehicles assigned to the operation were involved in disabling traffic accidents. 3rd Bn was not assigned any repair or refuel vehicles, so the armored vehicles were abandoned.

The defensive plan was for 2nd squad to cover the west side, while command squad covered the east. 3rd squad would be deployed south as a tactical reserve. Tanks were deployed in overwatch positions.

The enemy struck hard, falling first on 2nd squad, causing heavy casualties, and forcing them back. Commander tried to respond to the attacks and penetrations, but the squad was overwhelmed, losing the overall commander and three acting commanders in under ten minutes.

The final commander requested and received retreat orders. Casualties were heavy with 2nd squad losing seven, 3rd squad losing five and command squad losing five.

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6) 2nd Bn Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to retake the village of Mishchino in Chernarus Thursday night.

Two separatist operatives, Klement Tinaj and Bebe Kuti were in overall command of the separatist operation. They brought an AA battery with them. The tactical plan for retaking the village was for 2nd and 3rd squad to maneuver from the east, while command squad attacks from the southwest.

The commander used artillery to destroy the AA battery. The town fell very quickly. Command seized documents from both operatives after they were eliminated.

A BRDM posted on the northeast side of the area of operation was attacked and disabled by enemy reinforcements. Commander ordered the second BRDM to extract the remaining crew to safety.

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