Weekly Combat Summary for Jan. 14th, 2022 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from January 7th, 2022, to January 13th, 2022 Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continue at a decreased pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in four operations in four regions.

1) Troop relief operation in Batensen. Assigned a new objective almost immediately. Mission successful. Heavy losses during the retreat. Command squad lost four including its BTR.

Tank 2 was abandoned. 2nd squads BTR was damaged. 3rd squad BTR was damaged and undrivable. Field counts of enemy losses include one BRDM, one BTR-80A, one T-34 and two T-55s.

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2) A task force from 1st Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack and clear the of Querenhorst in Werferlingen Saturday afternoon.

A rebel combat group led by two enemy criminal operatives, Alexei Yakovliev and Anna Alliliyeva, entered town the evening before and were making preparations to fortify the town.

Querenhorst sits across from four bridges. The tactical plan to recapture the town was to cross three of the southern most river crossings covered by tank gunfire, then storm the town.

Among the tasks assigned to the task force, aside from taking over the town, was the elimination of the two enemy criminal operatives. Three supply trucks were brought with the separatists, which were assigned for destruction.

Command squad attempted to rush across the middle bridge, only to encounter heavy enemy rifle fire. Scout 1 attempting to position itself to cover command squad, was destroyed by an RPG shot.

The task force commander was killed in the attempt to ross the river. Command squad pushed into town making for the hideout of the operatives.

Once the two operatives were eliminated and enemy infantry was pushed back, commander pushed command squad to the supply trucks, destroying them.

During the process, two groups of enemy infantry were boring down on command squad. Artillery was launched against one group. Then the commander was killed.

The explosions attracted the enemy which whittled command squad from eight to five. Command squad retreated back to its BTR, then ordered the task force to retreat.

Casualties were high. Command squad lost seven. 2nd squad lost none, while third squad lost two. Tank 1 was abandoned due to a mobility hit.

3) An amphibious task force from 2nd Bn Chernarus 2nd Separate Naval Infantry Brigade was rushed to Dorida with orders to intercept a separatist force.

The task force encountered an enemy beach patrol immediately upon landing. The gunfire exchange was quick, so the enemy patrol was wiped out.

The task force then moved through a small enemy held area east of Dorida, eliminating enemy forces holding the area.

The tactical plan was for the task force to take up positions along the northern edge of Dorida.

The enemy hit the deployment as expected, but the great bulk of those enemy forces were either Russian MVD troops or were Russian PMCs.

The task force held the town and gained a victory before being ordered back to the boats.

Casualties were catastrophic, with the entire force of naval infantry being wiped out during the retreat.

4) A task force assembled from 1st Bn Chernarus 17th Separate Light Rfle Brigade was ordered to attack and clear the village of Malye Kuptsy in Beketov.

Command squad first attacked an enemy deployment at the airfield. The tactical plan included the attack on the airfield which enabled command squad to move from the east into the village.

In the attack, 3rd squad took the brunt of the enemy counterfire, as command squad and 2nd squad moved in to clear the village. The commander eliminated two enemy criminal operatives.

Once the town was cleared command squad destroyed three supply trucks the enemy brought with them. The operation failed to get credit for successful completion of the operation.

Casualties were high. 3rd squad was whittled down to two, while 2nd squad lost four. Command squad was untouched.

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