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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from February 26th, 2022, to March 3rd, 2022 Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continue at an reduced pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in four operations in three regions.

1) Chernarus Naval Forces assisted NATO operations in clearing three towns in Tembelan Friday night.

Despite heavy attacks from PLA attack helicopters and infantry, NATO forces advanced steadily. Enemy infantry and equipment losses were high. Especially hard fought was the final complete operation in Parit.

CNF forces encountered a sniper along with a number of supporting elements. Working with a US razor team, the sniper was found and destroyed. An EPOW surrendered.

A subsequent town clearing operation in Pondok was cancelled. CNF forces withdrew to Parit for rest and resupply.

2) Saturday, following two failed attacks, Chernarus Naval Forces naval infantry assisted in the attack on Podok wth the assistance of US Army heavy armor and US Navy and US Army air support. The town fell quickly.

A subsequent nighttime operation after crossing the river north took over the power station. Collected one EPW, but he was lost in transit along with the UAZ driver.

The team retreated back to the tactical headquarters at Parit to resupply and receive replacements.

The team then by the morning crossed the river to the northeast and began its assault on Bukit. The area was held by Chinese heavy technicals and Chinese riflemen. Commander requested and received an airstrike on the vehicles by US Navy attack helicopters.

The team made two attempts to take the town, the second of which was successful. Once the town was taken, it was like hitting a hornet's nest, with enemy rotary and fixed wing aircraft flying overhead, trying to find targets.

The commander decided to make Bukit its tactical HQ for the next operation. The area was countermined.

A photoplay is available.

3) Ad hoc motorized rifle task force, from 3rd Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Light Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade, was ordered to north Werferlingen to intercept a separatist affiliated force.

The tactical plan was for both tanks, and 2nd and 3rd squad to cross the southernmost bridge in Weferlingen city, then proceed north. Once in contact, that group would push far enough north to enable command squad to cross the river at the bridge just north.

Command sent a BRDM scout car to the river bridge north. An enemy tank destroyed the BRM. The commander decided to cross the river where the rest of the task force crossed.

By this time, brigade command ordered the operation cancelled, and a new objective about 1.5 kilometers northwest of the original objective was assigned.

Tank One, the northernmost element of the task force ran into enemy heavy armor. Two T-55s and one T-34/85 were destroyed, as the task force pressed to the north.

The commander kept Tank 1 in position to keep the door open. Tank 3 reached the objective first, then command squad, then the rest of the infantry.

Two more enemy tanks arrived, which were quickly destroyed by Tank 3, Then a BMP-1 arrived. When Tank 3 maneuvered to get a better shot, the crew discovered four more enemy tanks.

Tank 3 was quickly destroyed.

Commander requested and received orders to abandon the operation. 3rd squad retreated first but suffered small arms fire. Unbeknownst to them an enemy T55 had infiltrated to the task force's rear.

3rd squad was destroyed, as was command squad when the tank was discovered.

Casualties were high. Command squad and 3rd squad were destroyed. One tank was destroyed.

A photoplay is available.

4) A task force formed from 1st Bn Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to Staroye in Chernarus Monday evening.

A separatist affiliated mixed force was expected to be in Staroye on its way to deploying for an attack on 1st Bn forward zone.

The enemy movement was discovered by a combination of reports from local friendly operatives and by monitoring key email and electronic messaging systems.

On the march to Staroye, one of the two scout cars assigned to the task force, was destroyed by an enemy foot patrol 1,500 meters north of the forward zone.

The task force deployed for defense along a broad front, with 3rd squad in the west and 2nd squad in the east. Two more relieving rifle squads arrived in time to take up positions on the flanks.

The enemy struck mostly in the east with the initial contact made by several technicals. Enemy infantry attacks at first took place east, but later they came in from the north.

The task force held its ground, but was severely degraded by constant enemy attacks. The supporting MI-24D gunship was shot down. An enemy T-55 attacked along the main north south road, but was destroyed.

By the time retreat orders were issued, 2nd squad and 3rd squad lost three each. Command squad lost five. 3rd squad became the task force rear guard, but was wiped out by enemy attacks during the retreat. A photoplay is available.

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