Weekly Combat Summary for October 7th, 2022 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from September 30th, 2022, to October 6th, 2022 Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continue at an increased pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in four operations in four regions.

1) A mobile task force assembled from a forward element of 3rd Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to Ribbenstedt in Weferlingen to relieve friendly troops.

A small recon task force was ordered by 43rd Mountain Rifle Corps operations staff to provide patrols in town to counter separatist affiliated forces patrols coming from the north.

When the site commander became aware that enemy forces were massing for an attack nearby, 13th Brigade commander was called on to evacuate the troops.

In relief operations speed is important, so the task force commander will send as many fast forces to the area as possible to intercept enemy attacks.

When the scout car arrived, it was countered by both enemy infantry and armor, and it became stuck in town, When the tanks arrived, they destroyed an enemy BTR-80A and several enemy infantry.

When the BTR rifles arrived, enemy attacks were in full swing. The task force's tank destroyed many armor vehicles attacking. Despite their performance, both task force tanks were destroyed by an enemy tank section.

The transport trucks used to transport the relieved infantry arrived, but were only able to transport one squad. The other squad was picked up by command squad, its elements divided among the three BTR rifle squads.

The mission was a success but losses were high. Both task force tanks were destroyed in an enemy tank attack. The task force managed to retreat in good order back to a rally point.

A film is available.

2) A Chernarus Naval Forces special forces team was ordered to a compound near Pyrsos in Altis, with the task for extracting two friendly operatives held captive by separatist affiliated criminal gangs Sunday night.

The team, consisting of a commander, a sapper, a sniper, a medic and an electronic specialist landed by inflatable boat about five kilometers north of the compound. The weather was heavy rains and at nighttime.

With the assistance of two Hellenic Air Force A-7 bombers, the team attacked the compound, pushing enemy patrols and riflemen back sufficiently far enough, so the commander could snatch the two operatives.

The two operatives, a man and a woman, were unhurt, and were escorted by the team back to the coast where they boarded a Chernarus Naval Forces assault transport boat for their ride back to the flotilla.

Losses were heavy with the team sapper and the electronic specialist being killed in the operation. A film is available.

3) A light infantry task force was ordered to a location about one kilometer north of Gavrilovka in Beketov to attack and clear a concentration of separatist affiliated troops which were detected by aircraft overflights earlier.

The plan of attack was for the infantry to dismount about one kilometer to the east southeast then proceed in the direction of the area of operation. The ground force consisted of three truckborne rifle squads, two BRDM scout cars and two BRDM-AT vehicles.

Providing air support were one MI-24 gunship, and a pair of SU-25 ground interdiction fighters. As the ground forces were deploying, air support attacked several armored vehicles stationed there by the separatists.

Using artillery, the commander called in fire support to destroy an enemy rifle squad. The two AT vehicles in their capacity, destroyed several techncials and one T-55 tank. Artillery also was used to destroy three supply trucks the separatists brought with them.

Losses were high. 3rd squad was wiped out, while 2nd and command squad each lost four. One BRDM scout car and one BRDM-AT vehicle were destroyed as well. Two senior criminal operatives were found dead and stripped of critical intelligence materials.

A film is available.

4) A Chernarus Defense Forces special forces team was inserted by transport helicopter near a compound at Bashnya mountain Thursday night in Chernarus. They had orders to eliminate two criminal command operatives.

According to Chernarus Coastal Operations Group recon staff, Vladimir Vyorov and Anastasia Shanina had a personal hand in the massacre of civilians. The team was tasked with finding and recording the atrocity.

The team slipped into the compound unnoticed, then proceeded to engage and destroy several enemy. A CDF gunship also was tasked with providing air cover for the operation. At least one technical was destroyed by the gunship.

The team located and eliminated the operatives, with the commander stripping Anastasia Shanina of critical intelligence materials including a cell phone.

The team then moved northeast, located the massacre site and recording it. In their return march the team almost ran into enemy reinforcements coming from the north but managed to avoid them.

The team extracted and returned to Balota naval aviation base safely.

A film will be available soon.

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