Weekly Combat Summary for Dec 2nd, 2022 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from November 25th, 2022, to December 1st, 2022 Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continue at an increased tempo.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in six operations in four regions.

1) On Saturday, a battlegroup from 1st Bn, Chernarus 7th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to Diva Slatina in Leskovets with orders to intercept a mobile separatist force.

The battlegroup deployed along a straight line running east to west, facing the expected avenue of attack from the north.

Once in town infantry attacks took place on the north and the northeast, Command squad drove back attacks in its sector. However, most of the armored attacks took place to the east, where 2nd squad deployed.

Tank 1, along with 2nd squad destroyed most of the vehicles, but 2nd squad was destroyed. When Reinforcing Squad 1 was moved to the east, it suffered attacks as well.

Since Reinforcing Squad 1 lost its BTR, it was ordered to retreat back, while command squad moved into their sector, defending the crossroads there.

The game ended early owing to a bug. The mission to intercept the separatist forces was a success.

2) A task force assembled from elements of 3rd Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade marched on Hodingen in Werferlingen, with orders to retake the town from separatist forces.

The enemy forces were led by a pair of criminal operatives, George Golubovic and Svetlana Rexha, both of whom were on Chernarus Coastal Operations Group's kill or capture lists.

The tactical plan for the attack was for the force to cross the two southernmost bridges, with one tank crossing on the northerly bridge with the rest of the task for crossing on the southerly bridge.

Tank 2 would deploy facing northwest to deal with enemy mobile reinforcements.

Commander attacked up the road near where the operatives were hiding out. Both were killed, and Rexha was stripped of critical documents and her cell phone. Commander was unable to locate Golubovic.

Command squad came under intense direct fire attack by a trio of AA technicals, which killed the commander and four others. Enemy counterbattery operations destroyed the task force's artillery fire support, preventing an artillery strike.

As command squad began to move north to attack the AA vehicles, a Wagner oeprated gunship appeared and destroyed 3rd squad. It was eventually destroyed by friendly vehicle gunfire.

Command ordered Tank 1 north to attack the AA battery. The crew died a hero's death in accomplishing their mission. By the time command squad arrived at the location, the AA battery was neutralized.

The remnants of the task force retreated back across the river. Losses were heavy with Tank 1 and 3rd squad being destroyed.

Field counts of enemy losses included two technicals, three AA technicals and one MI-8 gunship.

3) A Chernarus Naval Forces amphibious naval infantry battlegroup was ordered to land by assault transport boat at the hamlet of Karsikko in Maksiniemi with instructions to clear the area of separatist forces, and to rescue three prisoners known to be held there.

Chernarus Naval Intelligence found that a trio of civilians had been imprisoned and were about to be transported north for trial and probable execution. Naval intelligence found out the information through electronic intercepts and burner phone calls from local agents.

The task force landed about 500 meters south of the village, then proceeded to attack along a broad front. Enemy rifle counterfire was heavy, and so was enemy heavy gunfire of their technicals.

Enemy rifles were steadily pushed back as the Chernarus marines penetrated into the enemy's defensive zone.

Second in tactical command located the female operative and stripped her of documents she was carrying. Commander then located and released a single female prisoner, then escorted her back to the boats. The fate of the other two prisoners is known.

Losses were high. 4th squad lost all but two, while the other three squads lost two each.

4) A battlegroup from Chernarus 19th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Regiment launched an attack on three sectors recently taken over by separatist affiliated forces.

This was a first run through of a experimental game mode for large area multi-operations environment in which enemy forces take over three sectors, holding them against Chernarus Defense Forces counterattacks.

The first sector attacked included one T-55 tank and one BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle. As command squad fought their way through the enemy, the enemy BMP disabled the task force's lead tank.

The sector was cleared but the trigger memorializing the victory did not fire. Also, the commander had no means of effecting field repairs on damaged vehicles.

5) A light infantry task force from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade was sent to Pushtoshka in Chernarus with orders to intercept a separatist force.

Brigade recon staff found out about the separatists' moves through electronic intercept of their communications.

The task force deployed along a broad front north of Pushtoshka, with the two BRDM scout cars at either end. Two more reinforcing rifle squads also arrived soon after the task force made its preparations.

Command squad fended off three attacks from enemy infantry, including Russian ministry of internal matters special forces, Wagner operators and Spanish speaking militia.

On the western flak of the deployment, reinforcing troops suffered attacks from two rifle squad, eventually losing Reinforcing BMP 1 to RPG fire.

As the task force was withdrawn, new orders were issued for the task force, which had suffered very few casualties, to attack a separatist troop concentration at a location about two kilometers north of Myshkino.

Rather than subject his task force to further combat, the commander launched an artillery barrage against the enemy troop concentrations, ultimately destroying them.

Losses were very light with three dead. Field counts of enemy losses included two heavy machine gun technicals. Before he was shot down, the Su-25 pilot likely destroyed many of the enemy's vehicle reinforcements.

6) A battlegroup from Chernarus 19th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Regiment launched an attack on three sectors recently taken over by separatist affiliated forces in southern Chernarus.

This was a second run through of a experimental game mode for large area multi-operations environment in which enemy forces take over three sectors, holding them against Chernarus Defense Forces counterattacks.

The first attack took place on a location northern Chernogorsk, where Russian ministry of internal matters special forces were holding ground, along with Wagner operators and local armed militia.

The lead tank of the battle group in the initial contact destroyed an enemy BTR-80A and an SPG-9 technical, but not before the technical disabled the tank.

Losses in the assault were catastrophic as command squad, the only element attacking the locale, lost six.

The operation ended when the commander was killed by friendly fire while trying to move the damaged technical off the road.

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