Will 18 Returning Starters Help Nebraska? subject logo: COLSPORTS
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Lot of good information about spring football in the Big 12, but to us the Big news is that the Nebraska Cornhuskers will be returning 18 starters.

Not that returning that many starters have helped many teams: Boise State for instance, before they got hammered by by the Georgia Dawgs in their season opener last year.

But it could help the Cornhuskers and redefine the Big 12 North Division

The Big 12 North division is the bridesmaid of the Big 12. The Rodney Dangerfield division: they just don't get no respect, when compared to the power ladened Big 12 South division. Their last regular season game, they defeated the Big 12 North champion, Colorado 30-3.

Nebraska beat Michigan in their bowl game and finished 24th in the AP. Maybe Big 12 football will be a little more than the Soonhorns in 2006.

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