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Posted by: badanov

Trying to work on my datacenter the other night, I decided that would be a good time to get the firewall rules on my main server setup so I can back up critical directories onto a repository/backup server.

Spent about three hours on it mostly doing the wrong thing, which was trying to get server daemons running on the client and failing to notice that ports 111, 2049 and 987 are all ports that NFS uses.

Funny how that worked. I kept seeing those port and failed to read the log dumps closely enough to realize that the server was complaining about offering those ports, and not the client.

The mount is read only which suits me fine. The repository server will be ready, I hope in a couple of days. Everything is written down now, so I hope I can read it when it is time.

The fun part will be to get the firewall rules set up on the repository server.

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