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Defensive backs are a little like linebackers. On most plays, they are in essentially the same position as linebackers, except that given their size they are expected to go against much more of the worst their opponents can dish out.

Cornerbacks roam around the flats, the space between the linebacker zone and the sideline and they have a dual task: to haze anyone coming out of the backfield, be they some 200 lb wide receiver or a 250 lb light end. And if the play calls for a pull and trap, where an outside linebacker is blocked, it is the defensive back ( or cornerback ) which has to backup the linebacker, often requiring getting around a 240 pound blocking running back or tight end, or even a 300 pound guard

But in the NFL, its the pass the dbs are concerned with.

We selected out of the top 100 or so defensive backs in the NCAA who are seniors, whom we expect to be good prospects. We know that many teams are maneuvering for position to get the top dogs, like Michael Huff of Texas, but also know that in the NFL, a drafted player is rarely a lock. Some can actually wind up being stiffs, if they end up in a team they didn't want to go in the first place.

We crossed a list of the top 13 defensive backs based on the number of solo tackles, crossed the result with the interception list, and the pass breakup list, and we have found what we believe to be the top five NFL prospects at cornerback and safety.

Michael Huff, Texas: 97 tackles and 14 pass breakups in a national championship team makes this player the best that can be had. Speculation at Yahoo! Sports is that the Detroit Lions are looking hard at getting this guy.

Greg Blue, Georgia: Sports Illustrated has Blue on their All American football team for 2005, and its because of this guy's hard work on one of Georgia's better football teams defensively. Blue is a workhorse at cornerback with 70 solo tackles, and could be a welcome relief to teams having a problem with defending runs five or more yards past the line of scrimmage.

DeWayne Slay, Texas Tech: Another SI All American due also to his hard work with 101 tackles and eight forced fumbles. Like Blue, NFL teams picking up Slay will want a cornerback/safety not afraid to mix it up wit' da big boys.

Anthony Smith, Syracuse: A very good candidate for safety, Smith was 10th in the nation in pass plays broken up and had three interceptions. Smith Also had 71 total tackles, 51 solo tackles.

LaMarcus Hicks, Iowa State: This our top pick for safety. Hicks caught 6 interceptions, defended seven passes and scored two toucdowns.

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