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Both of these players were on very good teams, both at 290+ pounds and both with strong reputations. Teams drafting for a center to go against monster noseguards will like these two players.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Nick Mangold is going in the first round; Mike Degory in later rounds.

We regard center as a critical position, as much as the quarterback is.

Since this is our first year blogging sports we have not yet fully developed the means to keep track of collegiate stars on the offensive and defensive lines, so we must rely on and other reports as to which center is considered the best for top picks in the NFL draft.

Mangold played for that awesome Ohio State team last year and he has the bonafides to start playing against the big fellas starting off.

Degory to a lesser extent, except he centered for Florida's Chris Leak, and kept Leak competing to the very end.

As we have maintained before centers are like wide receivers: they are a dime a dozen, and few good ones there are are likely overpaid and only rarely do you ever see a center that will affect a team's competitiveness, and certainly not in his rookie year.

That is why drafting centers high in the draft is such a risky business. If you get a good center, your quarterback has a chance. If you draft a great one chances are the whole of the backfield will prosper.

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