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We only learned about how bad things were at Oklahoma well after former mens basketball head coach Kelvin Sampson left to become coach at Indiana.

At this moment we can't recall everything we read but we do remember our take on the allegations: descriptions of the alleged violations of NCAA recruiting rules were systemic, repeated and egregious in nature.

Just before Sampson did leave, there was a column published in the local newspaper, the Daily Oklahoma, by Oklahoman sportswriter Barry Trammel about Sampson's possible departure. The language in the story, as we recall was such that the reader knew Sampson wasn't leaving but if he was the termination would be mutual.

And let's face it, Sampson did a lot for Oklahoma mens basketball.

But we didn't learn how much Sampson did until much much later.

At this moment, it appears the NCAA is pondering Oklahoma's offer of self punishment for the recruiting violations of Sampson and his staff..

The few people we did ask seemed to think that even stronger measures were possible given the apparent total lack of oversight at the Oklahoma University athletic department during Sampson's tenure. That Sampson was gone and that Oklahoma was willing to self impose sanctions may not be enough to forestall far stiffer and more justified, in our opinion, penalties against the OU mens basketball program.

According to the linked Associated press article, those sanctions could follow Sampson to Indiana.

If it turns out that OU suffers further sanction for its rules violations, Sampson could be out of a job at Indiana.

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