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From Lex comes this photo and description of a fast patrol boat ostensbly for Iraq and the "Brown Water Navy."

The US Navy designates these coastal units to be formed with these boats as Inland Boat Units (IBU).

The craft can make 30 knots, carries one or two 12.7mm machine gun (M2A2 aka Ma Deuce .50 caliper machine gun ) and an Mk19 grenade launcher, as well as various small arms.

No details on the boat's displacement or its patrol range, and we can't even venture a guess.

According to TFA:

The mission of IBU is to provide a rapidly deployable, armed, small-craft capability with precise navigation to support expeditionary forces in littoral regions.

...not just inland rivers.

So, we guess we can forget about the TOW launcher and the 25mm chain gun to counter boats with 30mm autocannons and 5 kilometer ranged antiship missiles.


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