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There was once a time two years ago when MS Office product exploits were the most numerous on the Internet. Now apparently no longer so, we have news of a zero-day ( previously undisclosed ) exploit using Microsoft Word.

From the SANS article here is the summary of the file used ( Courtesy MacAfee AV ):

File size: 233472 bytes
MD5: c1bb026ec2b42adc17d0efb7bb31f4dc

Be advised this exploit is so new none of the Anti-Virus companies have a fix as yet, but sure to be coming in the next 24 hours or so.

We will have an update later today, including a link to a copy of an MD5 program to download.

Note the MD5 program will not do anything except to check the file content and size so that the user to see if it matches the digest listed above. It does not remove or deal with any computer worms or viruses.

This file arrives by email and apparently drops a bot and maybe even a rootkit.

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