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Let's gain a little perspective on former Oklahoma coach Kelvin Sampson's recruiting activities over the period, 2000 to 2004, shall we?

577 phone calls. In order to make that many illegal calls Sampson and/or his staff would have to be on the phone every other work day in order to cram that many calls into a four year period.

And for that Sampson gets a one year ban on recruiting and no performance bonuses.

Oklahoma, which constructed a self-imposed penalty regimen after it was determined Oklahoma's problem was in oversight, escaped more severe sanctions as well.

A phone call a week at most is a failure at oversight. Once a month is a failure in oversight. To us, albeit without any evidence to support our contention, this was willful ignorance on the part of the Oklahoma athletic department.

We don't know which is worse: NCAA failing to perform its core function in punishing a profligate coach and athletic department, or the NCAA imposing anti-Indian cultural genocide with its absurd ban on Indian athletic names and mascots, an area which we know it has zero business.

Our guess is that the NCAA will check first to see whether an athletic department is culturally sensitive enough before it will impose its own rules.

It's okay to cheat and you will get by with it with the NCAA, as long as you have the right pedigree.

Democratic centralism at its finest, folks.

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