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After reading more about how the terrorist leader Zarkawi died, we were reminded about how we came to "discover" miniatures gaming at 40.

The charming miniatures rules book, Tank Charts and then later the operational level game Command Decision, the latter using the D10, a ten sided dice.

After Tank Charts we came to like Command Decision better primarily because of the fact we didn't get our ass kicked so badly playing Soviets. CD had better spotting rules and much better morale results, plus the game designer, Frank Chadwick, and oldie but a goodie in wargaming rules, wrote this beautiful book about miniatures wargaming in the modern era, Combined Arms.

Abrams, M2A2 Bradleys, T-80s w/135mm main guns and BMP-2s, AH64s and Mi24s. Yum.

But we digress...

We figured this is how, in wargaming terms, Zarkawi died:

The two F16 pilots rolled a 9 or less hit on a D10 because they used a laser guided bomb and a JDAM bomb. They had a plus two modification because of a spotter with "eyes on", and a plus two because the spotter was special forces.

No need to roll.

The building which was hit was destroyed on a 9 or less roll with the first bomb, the seven other bad guys all died on a roll of nine of less, only one, Zarkawie, surviving; and then surviving on on a saving roll of one from the second bomb, then finally succumbing on a second saving roll this time of five or less.

Zarkawi's staff none of them had any saving roll modifiers, inasmuch as a direct ground assault would have given them a big plus three D10 modifier on a small arms gunfight ( because of the suicide modifier ), the bombs basically taking away a key element to the combat result.

Were we the Iraqi player? We would have thrown a temper tantrum, then resigned the game, shouting "I can't win playing these rules!"

Ahh, the sweet voice of experience.

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