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We just started this WinSPMBT scenario, Austrians versus Hungarians, August, 1989.

The game is a company of Austrian light infantry is initially deployed in the Austrian town of Grosspetersdorf. Attacking along roads are elements of two Hungarian regiments, one tank and one mechanized rifle regiment.

This scenario is a delay, meaning defending forces start out in fixed positions but with no other means of defense, no mines, no abatis, and no impediments. Additionally, the Austrian mech rifle battalion must not only relieve a hard pressed light rifle company, they must also maneuver their battalion into position in order to counter Hungarian forces, and to retake whatever the Hungarians force from them.

Not an easy task.

We are currently in turn four of this game and it is already terrible for the Austrians. Hungarians are attacking along three axes, from the northeast, the east and the southeast. Two tank battalions, one T-55 and one T-72 are making concentric attacks at the town from the northeast and southeast.

Along with the usual light rifle infantry fighting vehicles, Austrians are facing BMP-1 units, all armed with ATGMs.

The Austrians are reinforced with a M-60A3 company.

The M-60A3 is really sufficient to deal with the T-55s, but against the T-72, they are no match. The 105mm NATO is a truly effective weapon against most anything the Warsaw Pact can move against it, but it has such light armor that the Austrian tanks are not likely to survive an initial encounter with the T-72. The M-60A3 can surely stop a T-72, but it will not survive Hungarian counterfire.

Pretty hairy scenario. Normally, we prefer to play Warsaw Pact but the scenario author, Ulf Lundstrom, insists the human should play the Austrians.


You can see the green colored spots are where the Hungarians are and how they are gunning for the main map objectives.

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