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From CBS SportsLine comes a story that the University of North Dakota is planning to sue the NCAA over its policy of rejecting team mascot names based on a criteria the NCAA has outlined.

Our view on this, as with many of our views, is simple: This drive to remove Indian mascot names which have not been approved under NCAA criteria is an attempt by the NCAA to remove references of Indians from national memory. It is cultural genocide.

A little extreme? Absolutely, but then so is this program. It is a program that delves into an area that NCAA has no business traversing. The NCAA's goal is to regulate collegiate sports in America and this program to remove Indian reference from university mascots does not fall in their hands.

The idea that mascot names were conceived because they were intended to demean or diminish Indians is an absurd premise at its base. This nation fought and won a war against Indians over several decades and the inclusion of Indian tribe names and references, inasmuch as they may not have been originally been so, are in fact tributes to the fighting spirit of American Indians, and will likely remain so forever.

The NCAA needs to better police its own house. With the coming scandals concerning steriods in baseball, basketball and football; it is impossible to think that steroid use starts only in the pro leagues. And if this premise is correct, this oncoming lawsuit will be the least of their problems. Instead of worrying about minor, unrelated and irrelevant elements such as how a school prefers to protray themselves in public, the NCAA should take a long look at how well it is doing its own business.

But instead, the NCAA is more concerned with appearances of their member schools rather than their area of responsibility, which they appear to have abdicated.

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