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Posted by: badanov

Haven't seen any context on this, though.

We listened to a sports talk program about this event in which one of the hosts railed against White Sox manager Guillen about using the word fag in refeence to a Chicaco writer Jay Mariotti.

The fact is Guillen used the word fuck and shit several more times, but it was the word fag that got the attention, all said within hearing range of a number of baseball writers.

Without really knowing the context or the actual scenario, Guillen likely thought he was in the company of kindred spirits who could be relied on to agree with him. If that was the case then this is a non-scndal with regard to Guillen himself, since the witers would not have recounted the remarks.

However, the "fag" remark was the scandal and it was, in our humble opinion, incumbent upon this writers to delve into those matters.

Reporter to Guillen: How do you know Mariotti is a homosexual?

Reporter #2 to Guillen: Do you make that claim because you admire him or you revile him, and if so is it because of homosexual activities, or is this is a general condemnation?

We know, they're writers, and to Guillen also a buncha fucking fags, but it seems to me that even if they did not challenge his view, they were obliged to at least clarify his remarks before condemning them, even later on.

Coaches/managers are humans and are subject to foibles as any other human being, as are reporters/writers. But since the scandal was developed from a reporter's own sense of injustice, they have an obligation that requires them to enquire fully before launching into any revelations.

They owe that much to their interviewee and.much more importantly, to the readership.

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