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Our view is that if new legislation involves the writing of new regulations, it is probably only going to benefit one element in society: government. The last element in society that needs more of anything at this moment is government

We knew that and and others were all atwitter about Net Neutrality especially since the local Bells who control the last mile to residences had warned premium services and other upstream elements they may charge extra for access to their customers and bandwidth.

And that makes sense. Microsoft has been slowly moving towards film and music streaming over the internet, and they want to make money in this activity. An extra charge by AT&T would certainly slow down the rate of profit any content provider may have, but it is doubly so since AT&T already offers satellite television and is likely only months away from providing streaming content such as films and music.

And make no mistake. Content streaming is what Microsoft and other major web businesses want to provide. MS has invested a tremendous amount of money for Digital Rights management, the concept that you no longer own but license the music you buy and the films you watch in your own home temporally.

Obviously AT&T feels the same way except that AT&T control access to tens of millions of consumers and the large providers do not.

The potential for profit for not just the Internet elements but also Hollywood is staggering: Imagine your favorite movie available, for a premium price, on your compuer or internet enabled DVR, for just the cost of a few file transers and some bandwidth, multiplied bu ten of millions

Net Neutrality advocates, for better of worse ( hint: likely worse ) are all too happy to get the 800 pound gorrilla in American society to level the playing field.

Our view is that the only thing government is good for is government, and at this point we need less of it, not more.

Full Disclosure: We are an AT&T customer, but even iffin we weren't we would still be against any legislation that creates more regulation on businesses, because we do provide web hosting and internet based services and products.

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