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It's been a while since we have updated the Borisov scenario. Turn 26. Game scale time of more than 2.5 hours.

The reinforcement of Ostrov is complete. We have roughly a motorized rifle brigade and a short tank brigade in the area. The movement of the artillery, mainly mortars is still about three turns away, but it is proceeding.

We have a mortar regiment, about 20 tubes of 120mm mortars, and one battalion of 160mm mortars about three miles from the FLOT at Ostrov, about to unlimber and prepare to fire.

The AI has stopped feeding in armor piecemeal and has concentrated its tanks into one fist. Very tough to oppose when that happens. We lost a T-34/85 company ( 10 T34/85s) trying to engage them at long range, instead next turn we will be withdrawing the tanks about a kilometer east to Ostrov. Let the fixed AT means in the town deal with the German armor force..

It is our hope that, further south, where a formidable tank concentration has overrun Zhodino and is mopping up. Once the western approaches to this sector is covered, we will execute a 90 degree turn north and try to hit the flank of German forces at Ostov.

In the previous five turns, German artillery has been weak since turn 20, but now the strength of the artillery attacks are on the increase. That indicate there is a rather large artillery park somewhere in the rear. We may decide to run our northern wing a little deeper and instead of trying to roll up a front, we could hunt for enemy artillery.

In Stakhov, the Germans appear to have been broken and we are readying a general advance towards German infantry concentrations, supported by tanks.

At Brodna creek, things are hairy. The AI has decided to send all its heavy armor into the area as a counter attack. It managed to isolate a JS-2 regiment and a T-34/85 regiment. As in Ostrov we are trying to move our rifles into the area as quickly as possible. We have killed a large number of heavy tanks, but it will take infantry to break this drive.

Between Brodna and Ostrov a German armor light recon in force has managed to retain control of the main west to east hardball, a road we tried to cut, but were driven back with heavy tank casualties.. As elsewhere, we are trying to move Soviet rifles into this area, since it is so lightly defended.

Further to our rear we are trying with all due dispatch to move corps artillery to their firing positions.

You gotta love the prodigious amount of artillery a Soviet mechanized rifle and tank corps commander had at his disposal, which consists primarily of 152mm M-10 towed artillery, towed and motorized multiple rocket launchers, and some 122mm field guns, some of which were already deployed at the start of the scenario.

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