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One of the real iconoclasts for the Russian Defense establishment in 1996 was General Igor Rodionov, Russian president Konstatin Chernenko's replacement for Grachev, the Defense Minister who presided over the initial assaults in Chechnya, culminating the bloody Battle of Grozny, 1994.

So, enter Rodionov promising to transform the Russian Army for the bloated demoralized mess still with more than 200 divisional flags and ten Russian military disrticts. Granted the lion's share of those forces were likley category two or smaller, but it was an oversized military for the size of threat the Russian Federation was facing.

Bold talk, analysts said at the time, and a hard road to hoe for a former commander of the Russian, nee Soviet 40th Army, the primary command element for the Soviet expedition in Afghanistan.

This man was clearly a popular wartime leader and an antagonistic figure for the Russian Federation's Muslims, whom Rodioniv killed in large numbers in Afghanistan trying to win the war.

But a year later, in 1997, Rodioniv was out, with nary a word on why he was replaced by Marshal Sergeyev, who was later replaced by the current Minister of Defense, Sergei Ivanov.

Now ten years later, the Russian Army has condensed into about 30 divisions of unknown readiness levels and eight military districts, and one activated Front, the Transcaucasus Front, the primary command element for the war in Chechnya.

What this have to do with anything?

A very disturbing speech was made by Rodionov in Saint Petersburg on Red Army Day this year, the main subject of which was "Jewish Fascism."

Now Russian Nationalists have a very long and undistinguished history of anti-semitism, dating back to the days of Czar Alexander in the 1800s, and Rodionov apparently continues that tradition.

Back in 1996 we considered Vladimir Zhirinosvky the big loon in Russian politics. We considered him so because he spoke quite frankly of spheres of influence of which south Aias was Russia's. Zhirinosky spoke plainly and frankly and never gained much poplarity in fractured Russian politics.

But now it appears that Rodnionov, trading on his long career in the Soviet/Russian Army, is becoming like Zhirinosky. The problem for us is that this Russian Nationalist may well become more popular than Zhirnovsky.

An excerpt and part of the conlusion (Babelfish translation):

However, the patriots of Russia never will be subdued for methods, sums and purposes of this great Jewish criminal revolution, as a result of which, according to main Moscow rabbi pinkhas Goldschmidt (see the newspaper "gaarets" of 15 December, 2005), "... today Jews possess in Russia this authority, money and influence, as it is earlier never".

It appears likely that Rodinov may have been sacked for views alright in 1997, but not his military views.

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