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It appears after discussions with friends, the Hezbollah artillery park is more a dispersed group of rocket launchers, all within close range of the border with Israel, much closer than we previously thought.

As of this post, the Israelis report more than 700 rockets have been fired into Israel from Lebanon.

Obviously there is no military purpose for the barrage. The rockets seem to be aimed at civilian centers, with the intention of terrorizing non-combatants. And the only response from a responsible government is military action.

Said one poster as Rantburg.com:

One thing I understood about Hezbollah's artillery is that they aren't a conventional artillery setup but a highly dispersed setup of individual rockets intermingled with the civilian population. The sort of thing that would have been considered a war crime back before the tranzis deified the "militant."

I think some consequences of this:

* Each half-dozen rockets (or less) may be on their own; the rockets are set up, but the unit that fires them travels from "duck blind" to "duck blind" launching them.

* Whether or not anyone on either side has put them onto a grid well enough to aim them is to me an open question.

* Also, _IF_ they have that setup, they may find it impossible to adjust fire in the conventional sense. Even with accurate unguided conventional artillery, or guided shells, it might be necessary for a forward observer to send firing corrections to the rear unit ("adjust fire..." or whatever it's called).

SO I guess the question is, is this anywhere close to a conventional rocket artillery force or something more random?

This is an Iranian concentration of military firepower, controlled and supplied likely by elements of Iranian Pasdarans, and operated by Hezbollah, a sort of subsidiary of Iran.

And there is nothing "random" about it. Iran wanted to get military firepower in range without provoking a response from Israel, and they have it and they are using it.

But we cannot stand by the suggestion that this is a conventional artillery park. Nonetheless, we do stand by our contention that destroying this military means of causing civilian casualties must be dealt with by military means.

Another article in Rantburg.com, ( we can't find it at the moment) the same date as this post, suggestions that the IDF has targeted and destroyed several homes in southern Lebanon in an effort to destroy these installations.

We have personally chosen sides in this conflict and that is with Israel.

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