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Interestingly, the Israeli mobile operations are being recognized as operations by combat brigades.

If the IDF does anything like NATO or the US Army, this means that the six brigades now conducting combat operations are likely elements of two mobile divisions.

Brigading battalions make a lot of sense in today's extremely powerful mobile formations. Brigade HQs are larger and more capable of fighting and suppyling themselves, and they have more senior and experienced staff than a division-regiment formation, where regiments are tied to a divisional organization. Battalions have essentially taken the place of regiments in mobile combat formations.

Last night we saw elements of an armored engineering unit on Fox news.

From a wargaming standpoint combat engineers in a forward area make sense if the enemy is holed up in improved positions. Our contention is that neither air nor artillery can find and destroy these reinforced firing positions. Only combat engineers and tanks can do that job efficiently.

And by efficient we mean one by one, drilling the position with high velocity tank gunfire, supressing any counterfire with high volume counter-counterfire, then send in the sappers to finish the job.

Sure, bunker busters can do the same thing, but a sapper attack is the only way to be sure.

Save the bunker busters for things like command posts and leader hideouts, and CBR weapons in the Bekaa river valley.

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