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A chronicle of one of our worse defeats in East Front II against a pretty good wargamer. Yong Park.

In our defense, this scenario is representative of the battles Soviet Col. Gen. Tolbuknin pressed to seal off the Crimea and to cross the lower Dnepr.

German historian Paul Carell wrote a brief description of the campaign and from what we could tell, the campaign was bloody for both sides.

Carrell chronicles on series of attacks over two weels in a position on the open steppes. Despite being outnumbered an average of five to one in every category, ten to one in rifle units ( put together by NKVD press gangs, every swinging dick from 12 to 70 ), the Germans held the Kalmyk Steppes in this region for nearly a month before logistics and casualties finally took their toll.

One battle was pressed fourteen times and fourteen times the Russians were repulsed with bloody results.

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