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Posted by: badanov

<gweebz0r> i went to the gf's work last week, they had no antivirus
<gweebz0r> 279 viruses
<gweebz0r> the best part was
<gweebz0r> they showed me their backup strategy
<gweebz0r> they use custom software
<gweebz0r> and the backed up the application by dragging the desktop icon ( a shortcut) to their cdrw
<gweebz0r> they had 2 years worth of shortcuts

This probably happens a lot to many folks. A backup strategy which is simple, easy to use, and wrong.

The people mentioned likely never attempted to verify their backup system ,never did a restore or even an audit to ensure their scheme is doing what it should be doing.

A $15,000.00 Network Attached Storage unit isn't worth $15.00 if you fail to verify your scheme works and continually check it.

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