Target Discrimination: A Newly Minted Target subject logo: MILGAM
Posted by: badanov

Hopefully, rather than ignore this newly minted target we can dispatch a nice fire team to handle this. Rather than to some years later find him on a battlefield captured as an "illegal combatant" we can dispense with the nice pleasantries.

You know, capturing murderers who pose as military, and the NY Times declares our military as evil for pandering to their death cult, the inevitable lawsuits to help an armed and hostile enemy of the United States get released so they can kill Americans. Tipping the enemy off to survellence programs while decrying we do not do enough to secure the country?

Could we please avoid the inevitable and dispatch a nice fire team to hunt and dispatch this Islamofascist to his reward?

We don't know how the pros would do it. Two shooters, three spotters and a commander, maybe, dunno. Just this time save the world several hundred if not thousand lives.

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