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Georgia's not a college football program given to great lows. That is why it was such a shock when Vanderbilt came into Georgia and squeaked out a two-point defeat of Georgia, 24-22.

The Dawgs had a good thing going. Undefeated their first four games with two back to back shutdowns, one at South Carolina, we just knew they were destined for great heights, maybe even a rematch against West Virginia as part of the BCS.

What happened?

The Dawgs seem to have settled on a conference mediocrity which is killing them in the BCS. They seem to be average in nearly every category in the SEC, defense and offense.

Where the Dawgs are very very good is in total defense in which they are ranked 13th nationally, albeit only 2nd behind LSU.

The two back to back losses bode for an even more mediocre season. After hosting Mississippi State, which is apparently fielding the number five rushing defense in the SEC, will be a brutal road schedule which includes visits to Florida and Auburn. Those are two games we don't see the Dawgs winning. Following the road sked, the Dawgs host now number 13 Georgia Tech, which is in a battle this coming weekend for control of the top spot in in the ACC against Clemson.

The AP has rewarded Georgia for their problem, taking them completely from the top 25.

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