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After Three unhappy years, Alabama head coach Mike Shula is sent packing. According to press reports, amoungst other sins was his winless record against rival Auburn.

Alabama came off a 2005 season with a 9-2 record, a huge bowl win against pass-crazy Texas Tech, the result of a very strong defense and now gruduated quarterback Brody Croyle, and into an uncertain season with a new quarterback and a weaker defense.

Bama's sked was a brutal one with all four road games played and lost against ranked opponents.

We heard after the loss at home against Mississippi State Bulldogs that Shula was in trouble. That was at the top of a three game losing streak that ended with the loss at home against Auburn. The MSU loss was a serious one. The game was essentially decided by a John Wilson interception run back for a touchdown. Everything in that game was even, yards, first downs; everything. Some breakdown somewhere in play calling cost 'Bama a game against a weak opponent.

The Crimson Tide is usually loaded at all player slots, so it is unclear is this critical change of personnel will hurt or help Alabama next year.

The shining spot in the Tide's fortunes is the sophomore quarterback John David park, an Alabama boy with a future at quarterback.

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