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One of our favorite times in military history is the Battle for Moscow, Dec. 1941. Hands down. No other time period in WWII hgistory is so fraught with vast movement of forces under extremely adverse conditions. No other time in history can stamp so clearly the doctrine that God Loves the Infantry™.

The German Army on its last legs, bitter cold, driving snow and facing 40 fresh Siberian division.

Life is hard in the German Army of WWII and harder in -20 F temps.

One of the great misconceptions about the Russian side was how well their armies performed. Historian Col. Albert Seaton remarked on his book about how the Russians were far better prepared for winter warfare than the Germans, with quilted jackets, oversized boots and general military doctrine for fighting in Arctic conditions.

Maybe so, but in the same book Col. Seaton also described how army sized units, deployed to the front with riflemen with little more than 50 rounds of ammo and no food for days were forced to fight and advance against the German Army in order to capture food supplies. The procurement system was not just a bad joke; it was criminal the way the Soviets treated Russian troops.

Anyway, in Combat Mission for that period of time, Russian troops in the cold are terrible. They move slow; they react adversely to fire even when not taking casualties, and they are as likely to run off as stay and fight.

In a 30 min. scenario, the fight ends well before the Russians have had a chance to close on the objective. This is due to tired soldiers forced to advance in the snow and extreme cold.

The last two scenarios we have played against the AI ended far too soon. They needed another ten minutes to take their objectives and to kill germans.

Forty minutes isn't too much time to march about 700 yards to close and destroy a vastly numerically inferior ( tactically superior ) enemy.

All we are saying is give the Soviets an additional ten minutes to complete their mission.

All we are saying is give victory a chance.

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