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Our sports advisors assured us that there was no way Miami Dolphin's head football coach would go to Alabama. After all, now former Alabama head football coach Mike Shula only pulled down $2 million a year, why would Saban go slumming?

A few days later we get word that Saban indeed will go to Alabama for $32 million over eight years, or $4 million a year.

Not disappointed, however, we were expecting a real name, but we just didn't know who. All the biggies in college football turned down Bama: Rich Rodriguez at West Virginia, and Boise State's Chris Petersen. Our youthful advisor even suggested that Syracuse head coach Greg Robinson, of all people, would be a candidate.

Now that Bama has made its choice comes the envitable outcry about spending priorities; why can't Alabama spend money on poor starving children in Africa, and how about kittens and baby ducks?

Pretty standard reaction if you go through life believing how you think is more important than what you think.

Here's the deal: Alabama is loaded, top to bottom with some of the best football talent in the nation. But for the basics, handling the ball, scoring, and defense, Alabama would be a contender in the SEC championship and a BCS berth.

When your program can't even split road games against ranked opponent, even if Alabama isn't loaded, is a problem that goes straight to the top, and is critical enough that large sums of cash must be expended to at least make an attempt to fix it.

So, the next time a leftist browboats you about spending money on your Hawgs or Gators hat or t-shirt, tell them to get those kids to try out for the Bama squad. We guarantee you that a winning college football program will generate enough revenue to feed those poor starving children.

Remember the sentiment:

Give a child food and you feed it for a day. But tryout for football and they at least have a shot at four fun filled years in front of screaming, adoring fans.

You can't put a price on that and we know what our choice would be.

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