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We were reading the release notes on the latest release of FreeBSD 6.2 and we found that FreeBSD Unix-like operating system can now run on the Microsoft X-Box.

Since, as the article points out, the X-Box has essentially an i386 processor, the staff on the X-Box project was able to run FreeBSD 6.2 on an X-Box.

So what?

So, for the first time the X-Box is no longer a preserve of any Windows constrictions; the X-Box can now be as transparent as any FreeBSD computer extant. The advantages are probably several; the ones we think of include network based backup of saved media from an X-Box hard drive.

tThe caveats are several, amongst which is the lack of an sshd client on the live cd offered ( which would be needed for a netowrk based backup scheme ), but a few other problems as well.

This blog, as well as several other websites are run using the FreeBSD 6.0 operating system, as it has run on earlier iterations of FreeBSD since 4.9.

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