Seminoles QB Had Refused Drug Test in April subject logo: COLSPORTS
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Pretty sobering story from the Miami Herald (pun intended) about Florida State quarterback, Wyatt Sexton had refused to take a drug test and was suspended after an incident with the Tallahassee Police last April.

According to the Herald, FSU coach Bobby Bowden revealed that Sexton had refused to take a drug test after he was found by Tallahassee police insisting he was God.

The Lyme disease diagnosis was subsequent to the incident.

Bowden was quoted by the Miami Herald he was certain the Lyme Disease caused Sexton to act “strangely.” Bowden said Sexton looked tired was alert.

After the incident the FSU coaches ordered a drug test, which Sexton refused and was suspended.

Sexton is expected to be out the entire 2005 season while he is being treated for Lymes.

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