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The mighty have fallen in the SEC.

We would have figured that Alabama LSU and Florida would make quick work in their respective divisions, but the conference appears now to be a confused mess.

Until last Saturday, the top team in the SEC West division was Auburn at 4-4 in conference play.

Think about that for a moment: Auburn at the top of the SEC West.

Just two days before Saturday's games, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas now stand one two and three.

LSU, with three starters returned from the Final Four team of 2006, is at the bottom of the division with seven losses and currently on a five game losing streak and facing Arkansas, number three in the division.

We had a theory last year about why so many Big Ten teams got swept away in the NCAA tournament, and why teams in the conference did so poorly: They were too good and were beating up on each other. No one dominant team means talent can't advance teams into the post season.

This may be the case with the SEC.

Florida is currently number one with zero losses in the SEC, but facing three ranked SEC teams, two of them on the road ( Kentucky and Vanderbilt )

Fit said recently that Gator fans are nervous about the last run in their season given the factors just mentioned.

The SEC may make a good run, with more than just two teams rising to the top for ther post season before the conference tournament. We'd like to see it, but we won't be holding our breathe.

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