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Hello, Commanders,

I have decided to suspend the Winter War Campaign.

A number of reasons factor into my decision but they boil down to an evaporation of interest, poorly conceived campaign that was slapped together too quickly, and real life intruding.

All of the above reasons go straight to the top. I made a number a intermediate decisions which adversely affected the campaign, and I would apologize for them except I was trying to find a way to make the campaign work.

It worked well IMO for two months, and while we may have made it work for another month or so, because of some poorly considered decisions on my part it would have collapsed anyway.

None of this takes away the efforts of the commanders who were involved in the planning of the actual operations. Dale Amsbaugh, Terry White, Dan Glenn, David Tate, and many others were shining lights in this endeavor which allowed it to move forward as well as it did.

This does not end campaigns for FLWGC. I am still very much at war, and there are too many Germans still begging to be killed. It is still very much my plans for a Fall Gelb campaign to begin in Sept 2007.

Be advised that the great amount of material, the orders written by the commanders, the maps, and game screen shots must be pored over and combined into a web page chronicling the first campaign of FLWGC. Once that page, or series of pages are complete I think our members will be proud of what we accomplished.

The Fall Gelb campaign should generate a good deal more interest. Only a very few people really appreciate infantry fighting the Winter War Campaign engendered, myself included, but to foster more participation, I think the 1940 campaign will be much better.

As time goes on I will be discussing various aspects of campaigns. I will post them at my blog Free Fire Zone and at the Beachhead Mess. A note to our European and Brit friends. the blog is about American sports as well, and right now the college basketball tournament is going on, and later will come the American gridiron college draft. Interspersed with all that will be posts about the upcoming Fall Gelb campaign as I try to improve the campaign.

And let's face it. This wargaming thing isn't illegal but it is so much fun it should be.

This email will be posted at the Beachhead and at the blog.

Later, ya'll...


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