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The linked to story illustrates one of the basic tenants of information technology that local computer security measures such as a strong root password and a finely tuned firewall are worthless once physical access can be gained.

We offer FreeBSD Unix servers to small businesses and we stress everytime we propose to set up or rework a network that wireless networks even with encryption are by their very nature insecure. Data packets generated from normal network computing from any computer are spewed in every direction and once the correct frequency is found, is it now apparently effortless to crack the WEP encryption standard.

The article demonstrates how by capturing just 85,000 data packets and three minutes of computational time on an older P1.7 gigahertz PC was all that was required to break encryption on the WEP encryption protocol.

Wireless networks for business are insane, and they always will be, even with encryption. You gotta protect all your computer data from transmission to reception or you may as well just open your office to everyone.

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