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On the NCAA tournament selection show, Sports Illustrated writer and CBS college hoops golden throat Seth Davis was bitching and moaning about how the NCAA left out what he considered to be some very good schools that "should" have gotten into the tournament.

Paraphrasing his last statement on the show, "I think this is bad for basketball."

As it turned out Davis' hot wet dream didn't come true anyway. Only first and second seeded teams made it to the final four. And Davis being a journalist in today's world he doesn't have to answer for his insane rantings. Only the minor and mid majors did by getting their asses kicked back home where they should never have left in the first place.

Seth's egalitarian streak, we believe, is very, very bad for sports in general and for basketball in particular. We suppose it is great entertainment when a small school team plays rings around a big program, and it does happen, albeit rarely. But it mostly just toughens up the major school and further confirms if you can't bring an A game you shouldn't bring it at all.

And that can be applied directly to Seth. He is a part of an organization that extolls sports, but only the kind of sports they want to see, not what is being marketed; an organization that takes money from very large companies that continually sponsor sports at large schools instead of small colleges Seth is so in love with, and yet here is Seth, essentially chipping away at the value of that marketing by stating with a straight face that not allowing small schools in the tournament, whom no one hears about or gets to see over the course of a college season on ESPN or CBS, is a bad thing, insamuch as sponsors can sell to a wider audience if they sponsor sporting events at the majors.

You gotta wonder if Seth is really worth the hubris. Were we editor of Sports Illustrated, Seth would be sent packing a long time ago. That is probably a major reason amoungst a whole host of reasons we don't edit sports pages. We just can't abide by folks that continually make Bryant Gumbel look sane.

But none of this is Seth's fault. It isn't his fault he is a dishonest broker of unfiltered information. Apparently now Sports Illustrated has been bit by the global warming bug with the issue that essentially presses a socialist agenda without considering the consequences.

We may have written about this last December when socialist Hollyweird producer, etc, Laurie David wrote to an organization of science teachers offering tens of thousands of copies of Al Gore's socialist propaganda film "An Inconvenient Truth" for distribution. At the first revelation when Laurie David was rebuffed she raised a royal ruckus about the organization, How dare they not distribute a film for free I produced?

But as it turned out, David's version was not true. The organization did offer the mailing list of their science teacher members to David, contrary to what she initially claimed. What David was in fact demanding was the organization not only allow distribution of the film to science teacher, but they pay for the costs of shipping as well.

Sorta like: Wanna come over and have some duck soup? Don't forget to bring the duck!

Now David appears in the news again by writing a letter to conservative golden throat Rush Limbaugh taking him to task for his reasonable views on global warming and to bolster her contention stating, apparently without a trace of sarcasm, that now even athletes believe global warming it real and bad.

Mrs. David is such a huckster, as bad as Al Gore, we believe she missed her true calling as an athlete. You can't compete without some sort of deception and David seems to revel in deception hoping her missteps and misstatements will be buried by media allies or by time.

But not being a fat lesbian is a serious drawback for her participation in sports, and then there's the age thing.

But unlike David, most of athletes want redemption, a very real part of sports as well and what makes sports so attractive to men especially these days that as bad as we believe ourselves to be, we know even without daily confirmation or prayer that there is still hope for redemption.

But David and Seth Davis can never hold any hope for redemption considering the path they are on. They can change and turn things about, and we hope they will before their insane theories do too much damage to the nation.

But until then, they are both hucksters, hawking a product surely as dangerous as has ever been marketed, hoping not for redemption but they just get away with all the lies, distortions and deception.

David will probably fare better than Davis because frankly her product is fiction, but Seth's is just inexcusable.

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