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Coming next Tuesday is the 40th anniversary of the Six Day War, a massively strategic military defeat for pan Arab socialism in general and the Egyptian and Syrian military in particular.

The link is to the Wikipedia page on the conflict.

The Six Day War can be summarized as a showcase in flexible, mobile defensive operations, including the use of tactical aircraft, daring sweeping maneuvers of armor forces and a study in steadfastness in the defense.

It can be well stated that this war presaged the 1991 crushing defeat of the Iraqi Army under Saddam Hussein by a coalition of international military, but mostly the American Army and Marine forces. In that more recent war, preceded by an aerial campaign dwarfed by no other before or since, US forces, using maneuver of forces and firepower defeated numerically superior forces lying in wait in fixed fortifications, followed by another even more stunning defeat and subsequent regime change in 2003.

Of course, the Israeli Army didn't invent mobile tactics, they just fine tuned them for their own purposes.

Forty years later, however, we are no closer to peace in Israeli than we were then. The dream of a barbaric "Palestinian" state accomplished through murder and genocide remains a top agenda item for all Arab states as well as leftist supporters here in the USA, only this time being openly funded by the coming socilist governments of the European Union.

The IDF is currently suffering from a dangerous lack of political leadership and what appears by all accounts a deprecated military force unable to deal effectively with external threats, such as the Hamas artillery park left and allowed to grow for four solid years before last summer.

In its current state the IDF can ill afford to let this degradation in its training and doctrine proceed any further. Israeli has a deadly enemy now very close to owning nukes and very much supporting the war in the north against Israel.

We hope round two goes better than round one did.

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