Sports or Pr0n: We Gawk, You Decide subject logo: COLSPORTS
Posted by: badanov

Fair criticism? Are sports fans really lotus eaters? Well, to be sure, there are an awful lot of feather-brained fans who could rattle off the entire roster of the Kansas City Royals before they could name their own congressman. But somehow, I doubt that these folks would suddenly become as acutely involved as informed citizens if tomorrow, all sports coverage instantly ceased. Probably, in fact, their new devotion would be to something more base like pornography.

We don't know which is worse. A sports reporter telling a different audience on NPR why his audience are a bunch of knuckledragging pr0n gawkers, or 45 days until college two a day drills.

Excuse us while we go look at SEC college football depth charts pr0n.

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