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From Fits.

Someone has cracked the iPhone, activating the Wifi and the iPod without that ATT part of the product.

Pretty cool to have internet and music without having to deal with ATT.

The source code, which we have grabbed a copy, is available for download. It is all written in C Sharp and/or .NET. Since we have extremely limited experience with only editing and compiling a C Sharp program, we can't at this moment discern how to compile the binariy(s).

What is clear is that this program requires a web server ( MS IIS ) and the MS .NET 2.0 Developing Framework, which may or may not contain a web server.

We are wondering if the executable(s) can be compiled and executed using Mono running on a Unix platform. Hopefully someone may come up with an answer. We do have a C Sharp compiler using Mono running BSD Unix installed on one of our two home servers, so we may look into it.

Not like we have an iPhone or anything.

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